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Abp. for archbishop ; archd. for archdeacon ; bp. /or bishop ; chan. for chancellor ; dn. for dean ; hon. can. for honorary canon % prb. for prebendary ; pre. for precentor ; subd. for subdean ; treas. for treasurer.

��A., archd. Cornwall, 397.

A , archd. St. David's, 308.

Abbendon or Abingdon, Edmund de,

abp. Canterbury, 13. Abberbury, Thomas de, prb. Lichfield,

638. Abberbury or Eadberbury, Thomas de,

pre. Lichfield, 579. Abbot, Edward, pre. Wells, 171. Abbot, George, bp. Coventry and

Lichfield, 556. Abbot, George, abp. Canterbury, 26. Abbot, John, prb. Canterbury, 53. Abbott, Edward, prb. Wells, 207. Abel, Nicholas, prb. Lichfield, 628. Abel, Richard, prb. Lichfield, 589. Abendon, Richard de, prb. Lichfield,

636. Abingdon or Abbendon, Edmund de,

abp. Canterbury, 13. Abraham, bp. St. Asaph, dd. Abraham, bp. St. David's, 289. Abraham, Edward, prb. Wells, 209. Acca or Ecca, bp. Hereford, 454. Accanthius, John, prb. Wells, 185. Acland, Baldwin, prb. Exeter, 424. Acland, Baldwin, treas. Exeter, 4x6. Acland, John, prb. Exeter, 431. Acland, Thomas, prb. Exeter, 426. Acroyd, Roger, prb. Hereford, 497. Acworth, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 623. Adam, dn. Bangor, no. Adam, bp. St. Asaph, 6^. Adam de Salop, prb. Hereford, 506. Adams, George, prb. Chichester, 274. Adams, John, prb. Canterbury, 61, Adams, Richard, prb. Wells, 198. Adams, William, prb. Lichfield, 608.

��Adbury or Adderbury, Thomas de,

prb. Lichfield, 636. Addenbrooke, John, dn. Lichfield,

564. Adderbury or Adbury, Thomas de,

prb. Lichfield, 636. Addison, Lancelot, archd. Coventry,


Addison, Lancelot, dn. Lichfield, 564.

Addy, John, chan. Lichfield, 585.

Adelmare, aUas Ccesar, Henry, dn. Ely, 348.

Adelred, bp. Cornwall, 364.

Adeodatus or Deusdedit, abp. Canter- bury, 3.

Aelfeah, abp. Canterbury, 6.

Aelfegus, Alpheagus or Elfeh, bp. Wells, 126.

Aelfred, bp. Selsey, 237.

Aelfric, bp. Devonshire, 366.

Aelfric, abp. Canterbury, 6.

Aelfstan or Lyfing, bp. Wells, 128.

Aelfstan or Lyfing, abp. Canterbury, 6.

Aelfwine or Ella or Aelle, bp. Lich- field, 542.

Aelfwold, bp. Devonshire, 365.

Aelfwold II, bp. Devonshire, 366.

Aella or Ella or Aelfwine, bp. Lich- field, 542.

Aelmar, bp. Selsey, 237.

Aethelgar, bp. Devonshire, 365.

Aethelgar, abp. Canterbury, 6.

Aethelgarus, bp. Selsey, 237.

Aethelheard, abp. Canterbury, 4.

Aethelm, bp. Wells, 126.

Aethelm, abp. Canterbury, 5.

Aethelnoth, abp. Canterbury, 6.

Aethelred, abp, Canterbury, 5.

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