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N O M I N U M.


��Bodringhara or Bodeham, William de,

archd. Cornwall, 397. Bodringham or Bodeharn, William de,

archd. Totnes, 402, Bogo, pre. Chichester, 265. Bois or Boyse, John, prb. Ely, 354. Bokenham, Richard, archd. Lewes,

264. Boket, W illiam, subd. Wells, 157. Bokingham, John de, prb. Lichfield,


Bokingham, John de, dn. Lichfield, 561.

Bokyngham, Thomas de, chan. Exe- ter, 418.

Bold, Henrj"^, prb. Exeter, 425.

Bold, Henry, pre. Exeter, 413.

Bold, Samuel, prb. Lichfield, 595.

Bolde, John, prb. Lichfield, 603.

Bole, Richard, archd. Ely, 351.

Bolegh, Henry or Thomas de, archd. Cornwall, 397.

Boler, John, treas. Hereford, 489.

Bolere or Boleye, Thomas de, treas. Hereford, 488.

Bolers, alias Boulers, Reginald, bp. Hereford, 465.

Bolers or Boulers, Reginald, bp. Co- ventry and Lichfield, 554.

Boleye or Bolere, Thomas de, treas. Hereford, 488.

Boleyn, George, prb. Canterbury, 57.

Boleyn, George, prb. Lichfield, 599.

Boleyn, George, dn. Lichfield, 563.

Boleyn, Henry, archd. Chichester, 260.

Boleyn, Thomas, pre. Wells, 171.

Boleyn, Thomas, subd. Wells, 157.

Bolley, Thos. de, archd. Totnes, 402.

Bolleyn, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 516.

BoUeys, Henry de, archd. Totnes, 402.

Bolt, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 627.

Bolt, Thomas, archd. Salop, 575.

Bolter, Roger, pre. Exeter, 411.

Bolter, Roger, treas. Exeter, 415.

Bolter, Roger, archd. Exeter, 394.

Bolter, Roger, dn. Exeter, 386.

Bolton, William, prb. Hereford, 497.

Bond, James, prb. Wells, 184.

Bond, John, prb. Wells, 192.

Bond, William, prb. Bristol, 232.

Bonde, James, archd. Bath, 165.

Bondeby, Nigellus, dn. Bangor, 11 1.

Bonner, Edmund, bp. Hereford, 468.

Bonner, Richard Maurice, prb. St. Asaph, 91.

Bonney, Henry Kaye, archd. Bedford,

353- Bonus, archd. Exeter, 392.

��Booth, Hugh, prb. Ely, 357. Booth, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 530. Booth, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 625. Boothe, Charles, treas. Lichfield, 582, Boothe, Charles, bp. Hereford, 467. Boothe, John, prb. Hereford, 512. Boothe, John, treas. Lichfield, 582. Boothe, John, archd. Hereford, 481. Boothe, Robert, dn. Bristol, 224. Boothe or Bothe, John, bp. Exeter,

376. Boraston, John. prb. Hereford, 515. Boraston, Thomas, prb. Hereford,5i5. Borell, William de, prb. Lichfield, 603. Boreman, William, prb. Wells, 194. Borham, Hervey de, prb. Hereford,

499. Borham, Hervey de, pre. Hereford,

485. Borham, Michael de, prb. Hereford,

512,526. Borham, Nicholas de, prb. Hereford,

496. Borisly or Breisley, Simon de, dn.

Lichfield, 561. Borlase, Walter, prb. Exeter, 429. Borovv, Andrew, archd. Wells, 161. Borrett, Gerrard, archd. Chichester,

260. Borstall, William, prb. Hereford, 495. Borstall, William de, pre. Hereford,

486. Borstall, Will, de, archd. Salop, 483. Bosa or Osa, bp. Selsey, 236. Bosan, Robert, chan. Exeter, 418. Bosbury, Roger de, prb. Hereford,

501. Boscawen, Hon. John Evelyn, prb.

Canterbury, 62. Bosco, Rob. de, archd. Coventry, 568. Bosco, Will, de, chan. Lichfield, 584. Bosebir, Thos. de, dn. Hereford, 475. Bosom, Roger, chan. Exeter, 417. Boswel, John, prb. Vv^ells, 208. Bosworth, Edw., prb. Hereford, 530. Both, Lawrence, prb. Lichfield, 630. Bothe, Lawrence, prb. Lichfield, 616. Bothe, William, bp. Coventry and Lich- field, 553. Bothe or Boothe, Job., bp. Exeter, 376. Bouchery, Gilbert, prb. St. Asaph, 88. Boues, Thos. de, archd. Totnes, 401. Boughton, Richard, pre. Wells, 171. Boule, Richard, prb. Lichfield, 589. Boule, Richard, archd. Coventry, 569. Boule, Richard de, prb. Lichfield, 611. Bouler, Edmund, chan. Wells, 175. Boulers, William, prb. Hereford, 515.

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