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��Busby, Richard, treas. Wells, 174.

Busby, William, prb. Chichester, 281.

Busby,William Beaumont, prb. Can- terbury, 56.

Busby, ^^'illiam Beaumont, prb. Chi- chester, 2S2.

Bushbury or Busseham, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 503.

Bushe, Paul, bp. Bristol, 213.

Busseham or Bushbury, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 503.

Bussey, Edw., prb. Lichfield, 590.

Bust, Matthew, pre. Hereford, 487.

Bustard, Henry, archd. Hereford, 480.

Bustard, William, prb. Lichfield, 634.

Butiller, Thomas, (Canterbury), 41.

Butler, John, prb. Canterbury, 54.

Butler, John, archd. Cardigan, 315.

Butler, John, bp. Hereford, 473.

Butler, Joseph, bp. Bristol, 219.

Butler, Lilly, prb. Canterbury, 6t.

Butler, Samuel, prb. Lichfield, 642.

Butler, Samuel, archd. Derby, 578.

Butler, Samuel, bp. Coventry and Lichfield, 560.

Button, Nicholas, treas. Wells, 172.

Button, Thomas de, archd. Wells,

1.59- Button or Bitton, Richard de, pre.

Wells, 170. Button or Bitton, Thomas de, dn.

Wells, 150. Button or Bitton, Thomas de, bp.

Exeter, 370. Button or Bitton, William de, archd.

Wells, 159. Button or Bitton, William de, bp.

Bath and Wells, 131. Button or Bitton, William de, (II,)

bp. Bath and Wells, 132. Butts, Eyton, prb. Ely, 361. Butts, Robert, bp. Ely, 345. Byam, Henry, prb. Wells, 198. Byam, Henry, prb. Exeter, 423. Byngham, Thomas, subd.Wells, 156. Bynns, Richard, prb. Lichfield, 625. Bynteworth, Richard de, archd. Ely,

350. Byrde, Samuel, prb. Canterbury, 50. Byrhtwold or Burwold, bp. Cornwall,

364- Byrkedalle, Richard, chan. Bangor,

119. Byrle, William, chan. Chichester, 271. Byrom, Ralph, prb. Lichfield, 630. Byrom, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 594,


��Byron, Edmund, prb. Wells, 189. Bysse, Robert, prb. Wells, 189.

��Caducan, (Bangor,) 98. Caducan, archd. Bangor, 112. Caducanus or Cadwgan, bp. Bangor,


Cadwgan or Caducanus, bp. Bangor,

97- Csesar, alias Adelmare, Henry, dn.

Ely, 348. Calamy, James, prb. Exeter, 426. Calthorpe, Hy., prb. Lichfield, 615. Calton, Nicholas, archd. Taunton, 167. Calverte, Robert, prb. Lichfield, 614. Cambrensis, alias Barry, Giraldus de,

archd. Brecknock, 310. Cambrensis, Giraldus, alias Barry,

(St. David's,) 290. Cambridge, George Owen, prb. Ely,

356. Camel, WiUiafn de, dn. Wells, 151. Camel or Camil, William de, pre.

Wells, 170. Camel or Gamel, William de, subd.

Wells, 156. Camil or Camel, William de, pre.

Wells, 170. Camilla, Theodosius de, prb. Here- ford, 494. Camplin, Thomas, prb. Wells, 188,

197, 204, 205. Camplin, Thomas, archd. Bath, 165. Camplin, Thomas, archd. Taunton,

169. Canner, Thomas, archd. Dorset, 225. Cannon, Robert, prb. Ely, 355. Canon, Ralph, prb. Lichfield, 639. Canon, William, archd. Cardigan,


Canterbury, Roger of, treas. Here- ford, 488.

Canterbury, Roger of, archd. Salop,


Cantilupe, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 520.

Cantilupe, Thomas de, archd. Staf- ford, 571.

Cantilupe, Thomas de, bp. Hereford, 460.

Cantrell, Ralph, prb. Lichfield, 599.

Cantuar, Roger de, prb. Hereford, 507.

Cantuaria, Roger de, prb. Hereford, 520, 521, 530.

Capella, Richard de, bp. Hereford,


�� �