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N O M I N U M.


��Coke, William, prb. Hereford, 499.

Coke or Cook, Francis, archd. Staf- ford, 572.

Coke or Cooke, Francis, pre. Here- ford, 487.

Coke or Cooke, Francis, prb. Lich- field, 629.

Coke or Cooke, Geo., bp. Bristol, 216.

Coke or Cooke, George, bp. Hereford,

Cokeshall, Ralph de, pre. Hereford, 486.

Coket, Robert, prb. Wells, 193.

Cokeworthy, John, prb. Hereford, 504, 529.

Cokkys, John, prb. Lichfield, 620.

Cokkys, Laurence, prb. Lichfield, 634.

Cokkys, Ralph, prb. Lichfield, 621.

Colcoinb, alias Aldryngton, Richard, archd. Barum, 406.

ColdwelljJohn, archd. Chichester, 260.

Coldwell, William, prb. Ely, 362.

Coldvvell, W. E. prb. Lichfield, 617.

Coldwell, William Edward, prb. Lich- field, 622.

Cole, Henry, archd. Ely, 352.

Cole, John, prb. Hereford, C532.

Cole, John, prb. Lichfield, 639.

Cole, John, archd. Totnes, 403.

Colemount, Thomas, prb. Hereford,

.5I5- Coleridge, George May, prb. Wells,

203. Coleridge, George May, prb. Exeter,

434- Coleridge, James Duke, prb. Exeter,

Coles, James Stratton, prb. Wells,

182. Coles, John, prb. Wells, 195, 209. Coles, John, prb. Lichfield, 600. Colet, John, treas. Chichester, 268. Colet, Richard, prb. Lichfield, 608. Coleton, Richard de, pre. Exeter, 410. Coleton, Richard de, dn. Exeter, 385. Colfe, Isaac, prb. Canterbury, 51. Colfe, Richard, prb. Canterbury, 51. Collandj John, prb. Chichester, 279. CoUand, alias Collend or Cowland,

Richard, dn. Bangor, iii. Colle, John, archd. Cardigan, 314. Collend, alias Colland or Cowland,

Richard, dn. Bangor, iii. Colles, Walter, pre. Exeter, 411. Collier, Robert, prb. Wells, 183, 201. Collingwood, Ralph, prb. Lichfield,599. Collingwood, Ralph, archd. Coventrj'^,


��ColHngwood, Ralph, dn. Lichfield, 562, Collins, Samuel, prb. Ely, 361. Collins, Samuel, prb. Lichfield, 610. Collins, Thomas, prb. Chichester, 278. Collins, Thomas, prb. Exeter, 423. Collins, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 639. Collins, Timothy, prb. Wells, 207. Collins, Timothy, subd. Wells, 158. Collins, William, prb. Hereford, 517. Collumpton or Fawell, William, archd.

Totnes, 403. Collynge, Will., prb. Gloucester, 447. Collyns, Robert, prb. Canterbury,

53- Colmore, Clement, prb. Lichfield, 610. Colnet, Nicholas, pre. Hereford, 486. Columna, Peter de, pre. Lichfield, 579. Columna, Prosper Laurentii de, archd.

Canterbury, 42. Colyngham, Hugh, dn. St. Asaph, 82. Combe, John, pre. Exeter, 411. Combe, John, treas. Exeter, 415. Cominges, Simon de, or Covenius,

archd. Canterbury, 40. Comite, Anthony de, prb. Hereford,

515. Comite, Philip de, prb. Hereford, 514. Compton, John, prb. Hereford, 533. Compton, alias Theale, John, chan.

Hereford, 493. Comyn, Christopher, prb. Lichfield,

590. Comyn, Robert, archd. Salop, 484. Comyn, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 591. Cona, William de la, prb. Hereford,

506. Conan, b]). Cornwall, 364. Conant, John, prb. Bangor, 121. Coney, John, prb. Wells, 188. Coney, Thomas, prb. Wells, t88. Coney, Thomas Boucher, hon. can.

Bristol, 452. Coneybeare, John, bp. Bristol, 219. Conflens, William de, prb. Hereford,


Conflens, William de, archd. Here- ford, 480.

Conham, Abraham, prb. Wells, 180.

Conigsburgh, Alan de, prb. Lichfield, 622.

Coningston, Rich., prb. Lichfield, 611, 640.

Constable, Rich., prb. Chichester, 280.

Con stantiis, Walter de, archd. Exeter,

392- Constantine, Henry, prb. Wells, 187. Conway, Peter, archd. St. Asaph, 84. Cook, Robert, prb. Gloucester, 450.

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