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N M I N U M.


��Graunger, John, archd. Taunton, 167.

Gravesend, Richard de, treas. Here- ford, 488.

Gray, Charles, prb. Chichester, 283.

Gray, Edward, prb. Hereford, 523.

Gray, Henry, pre. Chichester, 267.

Gray, Robert, prb. Chichester, 281.

Gray, Robert, bp. Bristol, 222.

Gredon, Simon de, archd, Chichester, 260.

Green, Christopher, prb. Bristol, 227.

Green, Edward, prb. Bristol, 232.

Green, Richard, prb. Chichester, 273.

Green, Roger, prb. Gloucester, 448.

Green, Thomas, prb. Canterbury, 54.

Green, Thomas, archd. Canterbury, 44.

Green, Thomas, bp. Ely, 345.

Green, Wilham, treas. Chichester, 268.

Greenborough, William de, archd. Staf- ^ ford, 571.

Greene, John, prb. Hereford, 497.

Greene, Thomas, prb. Ely, 357.

Greene, Thomas, chan. Lichfield, 586.

Greenfield, Thomas, prb. Exeter, 424.

Greenvill, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 530.

Greenvill or Greenwich, WilUam, prb. Hereford, 530.

Greenwich, William, archd. Salop, 484.

Greenwich or Greenvill, William, prb. Hereford, 530.

Greenwood, John, prb. Lichfield, 621.

Greetham, John Knight, prb.WeUs, 1 87.

Gregge, John, pre. Bangor, 117.

Gregory,Abraham, prb. Gloucester, 449.

Gregory, Edward, archd. Bangor, 113.

Gregory, John, prb. Hereford, 518.

Gregory, John, archd. Gloucester, 446.

Grelton, George, dn. Hereford, 479.

Grene, Henry, prb. Lichfield, 603.

Grene, Hugh, prb. Hereford, 522, 523.

Grene, John, prb. Hereford, 506.

Grene, alias Norton, John, prb. Here- ford, 505.

GrenefeldjWm. de, dn. Chichester, 256.

Greneford, John de, dn. Chichester, 255.

Greneford, John de, bp. Chichester, 239.

Grenewey, John, prb. Hereford, 523,


Grenisworth, Henry, prb. Exetei', 425. Grensil, Robert, prb. Hereford, 499. Grensil, Robert, archd. Salop, 484. Gresham, Thomas, chan. Lichfield, 585. Gresley, William, prb. Lichfield, 642, Greswold, Henry, prb. Lichfield, 619. Greswold, Henry, pre. Lichfield, 580. Grete, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 529. Gretton, George, prb. Hereford, 516. Greves, Peter, prb. Lichfield, 616.

��Grey, Hon. Edward, dn. Hereford, 479.

Grey, Hon. Edward, bp. Hereford, 474.

Grey, John, (Canterbury,) 10.

Grey, Walter de, archd. Totnes, 401.

Grey, Wilham, prb. Hereford, 513.

Grey, William, prb. Lichfield, 613.

Grey, William, bp. Ely, 339.

Greyby, John de, prb. Lichfield, 604.

Griffin, William, prb. Wells, 181.

Grifiith, archd. St. Asaph, 84.

Griffith, Charles, prb. St. David's, 323.

Griffith, Edmund, archd. Bangor, 113.

Griffith, Edmund, dn. Bangor, J12.

Griffith, Edmund, bp. Bangor, 106.

Griffith, George, archd. Anglesey, 115.

Griffith, George, bp. St. Asaph, 76.

Griffith, James, prb. Bristol, 227.

Griffith, James, prb. Gloucester, 451,

Griffith, John, prb. Canterbury, 48.

Griffith, John, prb. Hereford, 508.

Griffith, John, pre. Bangor, 117.

Griffith, Ralph, prb. Hereford, 517.

Griffith, Roger, prb. Hereford, 525.

Griffith, Roger, archd. Brecknock, 312.

Griffith, Silvanus, treas. Hereford, 490.

Griffith, William, prb. Hereford, 525.

Griffith, William, chan. Bangor, 119.

Griffiths, Silvanus, prb. Hereford, 533.

Griffiths, Silvanus, archd . Hereford, 48 1 .

Griffiths, Silvanus, dn. Hereford, 478.

Griffri or Wilfrid, bp. St. David's, 289,

Grimsby, Edward, prb. Hereford, 500.

Grimsby, William, prb. Wells, 200.

Grindal, Edmund, abj). Canterbuiy, 26.

Ghnketellus, bp. Selsey, 237.

Grome, alias Little-Grome, John, prb. Hereford, 514.

Grono, Evan ap Bleddyn ap, archd. Anglesey, 114.

Grono, Howel ap, archd. Anglesey, 1 14.

Grono, Howel ap, dn. Bangor, iii.

Gros, Anselinle, bp. St. David's, 291.

Gros or Crassus, Anselin le, treas. Ex- eter, 414.

Grove, Robert, bp. Chichester, 252.

Gruffin, archd. Cardigan, 314.

Gruffith, John, dn. St. Asaph, 82.

Gruffith or Brayne, Maurice, dn. St. Asaph, 82.

Grylls, Thomas, prb. Exeter, 434.

Guest, Joseph, prb. Hereford, 528.

Guianus or Guy or Wido, bp. Bangor,

97- Guido, dn. Bangor, no. Guildfeild, Thomas, prb. Hereford, (504. Guldeford, Thomas de, prb. Hereford,

503- GuUiford, Robert, prb. Bristol, 228.

�� �