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��Keltet, Edward, prb. Exeter, 423. Kemesey or Kemmes, John de, prb.

Hereford, 498. Kemesiye, John de, treas. Hereford, 488. Kemmes, John de, prb. Hereford, 516. Kemmes or Kemesey, John de, prb.

Hereford, 498. Kemp, John, abp. Canterbury, 23. Kemp, WilHam, prb. Bristol, 230. Kempe, John, bp. Chichester, 24,15. Kempthorne, James, prb. Lichfield, 633. Ken, Thomas, bp. Bath and Wells, 147. Kenardsly, John de, prb. Lichfield, 615. Kendall, George, prb. Exeter, 424. Kendall, Nicholas, prb. Exeter, 425. Kendall, Nicholas, archd. Totnes, 404. Kenea or Ceneu, abp. St. David's, 288. Kenferth or Cineferth abas Kinebert,

bp. Lichfield, 542. Kenilworth, Richard de,chan. Wells, 1 75. Kenilvvorth, Richard de,treas. Wells,! 72. Kennedy, Benj.Hall, prb. Lichfield,6o8. Kenric, Elias ap, dn. Bangor, no. Kenric or Fitz - Kenewreyk, Madoc,

archd. Anglesey, 114. Kent, Robert, prb. Hereford, 502. Kent, Robert, pre. Hereford, 486. Kent, Thomas, archd. Totnes, 403. Kent, John de, archd. Totnes, 401. Kent, Richard of, pre. Wells, 170. Kentigern, bp. St. Asaph, 63. Kentwood, Reginald, prb.Hereford,495. Keppel, Frederick, prb. Exeter, 430. Keppel, Frederick, archd. Exeter, 396. Keppel, Frederick, bp. Exeter, 382. Kernik, John de, pre. Lichfield, 578. Kerny, John de, chan. Lichfield, 583. Kerrick, Thomas, prb. Wells, 197, 200, Kerrie, Francis, prb. Hereford, 500. Kerry, Francis, treas. Hereford, 490. Kerswell, Thomas, prb. Wells, 207. Ketchbury,Stephen de,treas. Chichester,

268. Ketene or Keton, John de, bp. Ely, 333. Keterich or Catrik, John de, bp. St.

David's, 296. Keton or Ketene, John de, bp. Ely, 333. Ketterich or Catrik or Catterike, John,

bp. Coventry and Lichfield, 552. Ketulton, Wm., chan. Lichfield, 585. Keye, Martin, prb. Exeter, 421. Keys, Roger, pre. Exeter, 411. Keys, Roger, archd. Barum, 407. Kidder,Richard,bp. Bath andWells, 147. Kidwelly, John, prb. Hereford, 522. Kiffin, Robert, prb. Hereford, 514. Kildesby, William, prb. Wells, 200. Kilkenny, Andrew, pre. Exeter, 410.

��Kilkenny, Andrew of, dn. Exeter, 385. Kilkenny, Wm. de, archd. Coventry,568. Kilkenny or Kirkenny,Wm. de, bp. Ely,


Kilpec,Wm. de, pre. Hereford, 48.5. Kilwarby, Robert, abp. Canterbury, 14. Kimberley, Jonathan, prb. Lichfield,592. Kimberley, Jonathan, dn. Lichfield, 564. Kimberle)', Samuel, prb. Lichfield, 605,

612, 619. Kinardley, John de, prb. Lichfield, 602. Kinaston, Ralph, prb. St. Asaph, 89. Kinebert or Kenferth alias Cineferth,

bp. Lichfield, 542. King, Asahel, prb. Gloucester, 449. King, Benjamin, prb. Gloucester, 450. King, George, prb. Ely, 361. King, Henry, bp. Chichester, 251. King, John, prb. Bristol, 231. King, John, prb. Chichester, 275. King, John, treas. Chichester, 268. King, Oliver, prb. Hereford, 534. King, Oliver, archd. Taunton, 167. King, Oliver, dn. Hereford, 477. King, Oliver, bp. Bath and Wells, 142. King, Oliver, bp. Exeter, 376. King, Philip, treas. Chichester, 269. King, PhiHp, archd. Lewes, 264. King, Richard, prb. Hereford, 521. King, Thomas, prb. Canterbury, 51. King, Walker, prb. Canterbury, 56. King, Walker, prb. Exeter, 433. King, Walker, prb. Wells, 201, 211. Kinge, Wm., prb. Canterbury, 58. Kingford, Robert, prb. Wells, 211. Kingsburgh, Edw., prb. Lichfield, 610. Kingscote,Wm. de, prb. Hereford, 524,

528. Kingsley.Wm., prb. Canterbury, 56. Kingsly,Wm., archd. Canterbury, 44. Kingston, John, prb. Hereford, 516. Kingston, Robert, prb. Lichfield, 628. Kingston,Richardde,prb.Hereford,497. Kingston, Richard de, prb . Lichfield,6o3 . Kingston, Ric. de, archd. Hereford, 480. Kingstone,Wm. de, prb. Hereford, 511. Kingswood, Tho., prb. Gloucester, 447. Kinleside, Wm., prb. Chichester, 278. Kinnersley, John de, prb. Lichfield,6oo. Kinscote,Wm. de, prb. Hereford, 520. Kinwen, Philip, prb. Hereford, 499. Kinwoldmersh, William, prb. Hereford,

.529- Kinwoldmersh, Wm., prb.Lichfield,6o9. Kirkeby, John, treas. Exeter, 415. Kirkeby, John de, pre. Lichfield, 579. Kirkeby, John de, archd. Coventry, 568. Kirkeby, John de, bp. Ely, 330.

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