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A.LDH1 d Florence ofWoreeafcer makes him succeed

to this gee in < s '>o. He <li<'<l in 873 Ceolred 33 became bishop of Leicester in 873 ; hois

supposed to have died about 885 \l't r the death of Briothred bishop of Lindiaee or Sid-

naoester in ; *. and of Ceolred bishop of In ioester in

885, we timl mi other prelates bearing those titles.

The fourteen nexl prelates who presided were called


886 Ealheard or Halard is said t<> have been consecrated bishop about the year ! . and t<> have fixed his scat at Dorchester. He died of the j > 1 a lt u about the year

903 Ceololi or Kenulpb was elected bishop of Dorchester in 905 Wolstah i- said to have succeeded Oeolulf, hut in what year does nut appear.

948 Oskytel is said to have been consecrated bishop of Dorchester about the year 94N. He was translated to York about iy.")4 "' 'v.-').")- He died 3 1 Oct. yjo 1 '.

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Til). H.iv.

s - Flor. Wigorn.

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86 Hie pontificatum gessit tem- pore Merciorum Burhredi, et regis West Saxorum Alfredi.

86 The see of the bishops of the West Saxons was originally at Dorchester, now a viUage about seven miles from Oxford, and they are sometimes called bishops of Dorchester, as in the case of Headdi who died in 70.3. who was sometimes styled bishop

��of Dorchester, sometimes bishop 'if' Wiin and Munetimes

bishop of the West Saxons, but after the see of the West Saxons was permanently divided, no more is heard of the bishops of Dor- chester in connexion with that diocese. The prelates who sat at Dorchester while it was the chief seat of the bishops of the West Saxons, were Birinus, Hegelberht, Wini, Leutherius, Headdi. See Winchester.

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