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elected 5th .Jan. 16412. lie obtained the royal absent 21st Jan., was conlinned 5th F<1>., and conse- crated the next da) ". The temporalities were restored on the iyth of the Bame month?'. He died, setat. 7< v >, at Lambourn 78 in Essex toth Sq.t. 1654, and was buried ther

Tin >. was vacant sia // an.

[660 Robert Sandeesok 80 , S.T.P., was elected 17 Oct.'

[3 Car. II. [660, confirmed the :4th and Beorated the 28th

of the same month He died 19th Jan. [662-31 a tat. ~'k and was buried in the parish church of Buokden 6 '.

166$ Bi viwii\ Lani r, bishop of Peterborough, was elected

r.11. to the see of Lincoln i>t March 1662 ;. oonfirmed

2nd April 1663 s4 , and enthroned by proxy 5th May

following. < >n 24th May i66y he wai translated

to Kl\

1667 Wu 1 1 \m l'i ller, bishop of Limerick^ was elected to

111 Iarx-oln 17th Sept [667, and confirmed the -~th

of the same month in the church of St. Paul, Corenl

��; Laud, [I, fol.84. and led othen into a great mi--

~~ Pat. 1 7 Gar. I. p. 9. N. 6 & 5. tike by making Rotheram in the

In the pariafa register of County of York f* place of bis

Lambourn is this entry, "Mr. birth; for thai learned Bishop

Thomas Wynniffe dean of St. was born at Sheffield in the said

Paul's, and parson of this parish County in an Bouse sear the

of Lamborn, buried September Irish Cross called the Lome head

z6, [654." slate, of which there 1- still a

-' K\ Epitaphio. current tradition, and was bap-

[n sir Thomas Phillipps' in- Used then- the 20th of Septem-

terleaved copyof LeNere'e Fasti ber i.", s ;. as appears by a well

is the following note on bishop kej>t register out of which when

Sanderson. " Mr. 1. Walton in I was vicar there 1 made the fol-

hi8 life of Bp. Sanderson has run lowu ct:

Robertas filius Roberti Sanderson baptise!: 20'"" Sept. 15

rest. Nath. 1 take,

23 Dec. 1721. Kirkeby Overblows."

?l Reg. Juxon. fol. 20 s . says fed. 247.

28 Aug! " Reg. Juxon. fol. 31 1.

-- Keg. Juxon, fol. 208. M Reg. Sheld. ff. 7. II. B Ex Epitaphio. Reg. Sheld.

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