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Walter de Maydestin was collated xv Gal. Junii (iHth May) 1329, void by Thomas de Northwode's ac^ cepting the breasurership 10 . Walter died in 1337, and his will was proved on the Wednesday next after the feast of the Assumption of the blessed Virgin, Aug.

[19th] 1337 1I -

Nicholas de Taim \ja or Carent was collated iv Non. Sept. (2nd Sept.) 1337, void by the death of Walter de Maydestun '-.

Hamo Belebs was po ed of it 3rd Jan. 1348-9".

He was so styled Prid. Non. Jim. (4th June) 1362 11 . Ho died 1st May 1370, and was buried in the cathedral 15 .

Jonx 01 Norwich was possessed of it 2nd Jan. 1374 5 1( \ Browne Willis suggests that he may be the same person as John de Burgo who was buried in the cathedral i: .

Henry Beauveyr, appointed 10th Nov. 1376 19 .

Jonx dk Carleton exchanged this dignity, and a pre- bend annexed, ii Non. Mail (6th May) 1378, for the prebend of St. Botolph, and the rectory of Creek, with

Jonx in Belvero or Beauveyb was admitted ii Non. Maii (6th May) 1378^.

Thomas Brandon, collated 2nd Oct. 1378 20 . yJonx' ue Carletox was admitted a second time 16th Oct. 1389. He died in 1405.

> Richard Hethe, S.T.B., was collated 22nd Sept. 1405. From this dignity was made archdeacon of Hunting- don 26th July 1414 s1 .

10 Reg. Burghersh. propitietur Deus."

11 Reg. Line. 18 Pat. 50 Edw. III. p. 2. m.

12 Reg. Burghersh. 19.

IS Coll. Kennet, folio. 19 Reg. Bokyngham.

14 Reg. Sudbury Episc. Lond. 20 1378, 2nd Oct. Dominus

15 Ex Epitaphio. episcopus contulit magistro Tho-

16 Reg. Bokyngham. mee Brandon subdecano Lincoln >" On a marble in the middle praebendam beatae Marias de

aisle of Lincoln cathedral there is Crakepole vac. per mortem Joh.

this inscription : " Hie jacet Jo- de Kellesey. Reg. Bokyngham.

hannes de Burgo quondam sub- 21 Reg. Repingdon. decanus Lincoln, cujus anima?

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