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��secrated in the monastery of the Holy Trinity in London 9th Oct. 1 244-". He died of the plague 1 2th .May 1259-% and was buried on the 25th of the same month in St. Paul's cathedral-. The license to elect a bishop in the room of Folk Basset is dated 24th May 1 2 59 >", and the dean and chapter of London pray the King to assent to their election of 1259 Henry de Wingham '. dean 0/ St. Martin's, London, 3 Hen. in. anc i chancellor of England 3 *. The King assented to the election 29th June i 259 , and made restitution of the temporalities nth July 34 . The new bishop was consecrated by the archbishop of Canterbury 35 in

��-"His consecration was de- layed for some time in conse- quence of tin- vacancy of the see of Canterbury. At length arch- bishop Boniface, though be was not himself consecrated, issued a commission for the consecration of Fulk in the cathedral of Lon- don, but the chapter of Canter- bury revoked the commission, on the ground that it was a usurpa- tion of their privileges by the archbishop, and Fulk was old to make a solemn protestation that his consecration out of the church of Canterbury Bhould not be held to be a diminution of the privileges of the church of Canterbury. Autograph in Eccl. Cant.

28 Chron. Joh. Textor. Matt. Paris's date is too loose to be re- lied upon : " Eodem anno 1 2 ^ 9 , ascendente sole Cancrum facta est hominum pestilentia, etc. . . . obiit in ilia peste mortifera domi- nus Fulco Londinensis episco- pus." (Matt. Paris ad ann. 1259.) Fulco London. Episcopus obiit xii Kal. Junii. Continuat. Flor. Wigorn.

29 Some say that he died 20th

��May, others on the 21st, and was buried atFulbam. CompareMatt. Paris, Matt.Wrstm., Chron. Job. Textor., Annal. S.Kdmund., His- toriola Lond., et ( )bituar. l'aulin.

" Pat. 43 Hen. III.m.9.

31 He was elected bishop of Winchester in Jan. 1259, (Annal. Winton.,) but he refused the dig- nit}-, the King not approving of the election.

- Lett, in Turr. Lond. X.


33 Pat. 4.3 Hen. III. m. 7.

w On the 1 8th of the same month he obtained a grant from the crown to hold with his bi- shopric all the ecclesiastical bene- fices he held at the time of his election. Ibid. m. 6.

35 Henricus episcopus London, consecratus in ecclesia Beatae Mariae a Bonifacio archiepiscopo assistentibus Waltero Wygorn., Egidio Sarum, Simone Xorwic, Waltero Exon., Rogero Cester., xvCal. Martin 259. Reg.Cantuar. Eodem die, quo ipse consecratus est addidit in ultimo professionis suae hoc verbum, salvo jure Londinensis ecclesia. Dominus archiepiscopus fecit ipsum reci-

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