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Aelfwold 39 . At his death, about 1058, the bishopric of Sherborne was united with that of Wilton, and the see afterwards removed to Salisbury.


1072 Herman was consecrated bishop of Wilton in 1045; fWill.l. at the death of Aelfwold, bishop of Sherborne, circa 1058, he obtained his see also; and as Wilton had originally been taken out of Sherborne, he once moro united them as one see, and afterwards removed it to Salisbury. The exact year of the removal is not known, but it was most probably about the year 1072. The time of his death is variously given in 1076 1 ",

1077 l \ ,0 7^ ia i lo 79 107S Osmund or Obm] b was bishop of Salisbury m 1078, the

13 Will. I. v ,. ar j,, which the bones of Aldhclm. the first bishop of Sherborne, were removed 44 , lb' died 4th Dec. ic nd was buried in the cathedral of Old Sarum.

His bones were taken np 23rd July 1 _+ .3 7 , and depos- ited in the new cathedral.

Tli> 8 remained vacant upwards <,//",, years after

tin death of Osmund.

1107 RogeBj tin King's chancellor, was nominated by the

8 Hen. I. K| n g a t Michaelmas 1102"', and elected 13th April

iio^ 1 "; he was not however consecrated until nth

Aug. 1 107 '\ He died 4th Dec. 1 139 .

a9 Flor. Wigorn. Alfwuldus, meon of Durham however states

Malmes. that he died iii Non. Dec. 1099.

40 Chron. Anonym. w Flor. Wigorn. et Siin. Du-

41 Wvkes et Sax. Chron. nelm. Hoved. f. 269 a. Ead- >- Chron. Sarum. in Bihl. mer, p. 66. Electus est 1102,

Cott. et Chron. S. Crucis. Annal. de Margan. Ordinatus

-*-' 1 x Cal. Mar. (21st Feb.) Episcopua 1 107, Chron. Mailros.

Annal Petrob. Sax. v Matt. West. 1 102.

Malmes. in vita Aldhelmi. 4 " Ro^Yend. Sim. Dunelm.

4- r> In the hull of pope Calixtus Rad. de Dicet.

III., dated 26th April 1457, the 49 Hoved. f. 277 b. Flor. Wi-

4th Dec. is fixed for his canoni- gorn. Malmesbury, Hist. Nov.

zation. (Reg. Bothe Ebor.) Si- lib. ii., says nth Dec.

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