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William Stanley Goddard, D.D., collated to Be-

minstcr Secunda, on the death of John Wiokham ;

installed 17th Oct. 1829. Edward Bebens, M.A., collated to Slape, on the death

of John Guard; installed -:4th Oct. 1821,. Heebeet II \\\ 1 >, I). I)., collated to Grimston and

Yatminster, on the death of Phineas Pett; installed

14th April 1830. George Stamm Faulk, B.D., collated t<> Nether-

bury in Terra 21st May [830, vice Berber! Bawes. Fran* ta Li aw. oollated to Stratford 5th June i^.^o,

vice Thomas I>a\ is. William Dalby, collated to Warminster 23rd March

1 83a, vice Benry 1 I< tl<\ Henry Robert Dckin field, collated to Winter- bourne Earls 2i y th March 1832, vice John Salter. Ch \ki 1 - Hi 1 n \\ \\ Pi arson, collated to Writhling-

ton 7 1 1 1 Nov. 1832, vice John Fisher. George Radcliffe, oollated to Yetminster Prima

i-\h July 1833, vice John White. Lord Oi orgi Pai let, collated to Oombe and Farn-

ham 14th Sept. [833, vice John Bright. Fban< 1- I.i .\it, collated to Netherhaven 1 8th Jan. 1834,

vice Liscombe Clarke. William Short, collated to Stratford 28th Jan. 1834,

vice Francis Lear. William Edward Hony, collated to Grimston and

Yatminster 29th July 1841, vice Herbert Haw< 9. Fdlwab William Fowl] . collated to Chute and Chi-

senbury 7th Aug. 1841, vice Matthew Marsh. William Dansey, collated [to Bishopstone 10th Aug.

1841, vice Whittingdon Landon. George Paulin Lowther, collated to Yetminster

Secunda 10th Aug. 1841, vice Archibald Alison. George Anthony Denison, collated toWilsford and

Woodford 10th Aug. 1841, vice William Ward. Robert Hi ntlei Buckle, collated to Stratton 10th

Aug. 1841, vice John Still.

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