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Richard in 1 132 ' .

A [LWabd seems to be archdeacon of Colchester in 1 150 "' Pie was prebendary of Ealdland 51 .

Richard Foliot was archdeacon of Colchester when Gilbert Koliot was bishop of London, viz. between 1 163 and 1187

Ralpb occurs as archdeacon of Colchester in 1 186*. He died in l 190, in the Holy band.

Richabo possessed this dignity in 1192 44 .

Simo\ held the office in 1 2 14

Roger Niger was archdeacon of Colchester v Cab Dec. (27th Nov.) [2i 8 56 and 1221 ; he was also preben- dary of Ealdland. He was made bishop of this see in 1 229.

Hugh oi Lokdon, prebendary of Ealdland and Coding- Minor, died po sses sed of it in 1 238 ' 8 .

R held the archdeaconry of Colchester in 1248 '.

Hugh de S. Edmukdo held the office of archdeacon of Colchester in 1250 s and in 1260 1 .

Fulc Lovel, prebendary of Codington Major and Tele- don, was archdeacon of Colchester ist July \ih~' 1 '. In 1280 he was elected bishop of this see, but refused it. He died 21st Nov. 1285'

��4 * To this archdeaconry be- '* Lib. A. f. 8.

longed the last stall uii the right H MS. Cotton. Vitellius, E.

side of the choir. 15. f. i.'ji-

Beg. Dec. et Capit. Lib. L. M Lib. L. f. 57.

f. 53. Lib. A. f. 26.

"*> Li!). L. f. 57. * MS. Cotton. Tiberius, C. f.

51 Le Neve here has a note: 156.

" N. B. Here Mr. Newcourt re- " Ibid. Otho, D. 3. f. 78.

peats the same words of the four M [bid. Tiberius, A. f. 10.

first archdeacons, (viz. Reuge- " Coll. Hutton.

rus, Quintilianus, Walterus, and '" Reg. Dec. et Capit. Pix K.

Robertus,) as he said in the arch- fi ' Pat. 45 Hen. 111.

deacons of Essex. Quaere, Why '- Pat. .31 Hen. III. in. 16.

they had not their rank in his 88 Wharton, p. 105. catalogui

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