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��Abp. for archbishop; archd. /or archdeacon ; bp./br bishop; chsn. for chancellor ; dn. for dean; ton. can. for honorary canon; prb. for prebendary; pre. for precentor; subd./br snbdean ; treae, /or treasurer.

��A. . ., archd. Berks, 632. A. . ., treas. Salisbury, (>4,y Aaron, archd. Dorset, 637.

Alihendon, Edmund do, treas. Salis- bury, 64-.

Ahbendon,\Yill. de, pre. Salisbury, 64I.

Abberbury, John de, prb. Lincoln, 210.

Abbot, George, bp. London, 303.

Abbot, Rohert, bp. Salisbury, 607.

Abdy, Stodherd, prb. London, 423.

Abdy, Stotherd, archd. Essex, 337.

Abingdon, Edmund de, chan. Salis- bury, 649.

Abraham, treas. Salisbury, 645.

Abree, Alive, alias Leycester, Francis, dn. Peterborough, 538.

Absolon, William, prb. Rochester, 585.

Abyngdon, Will, de, archd. Wilts, 628.

Ackland, Baldwin, prb. Lincoln, 108.

Adam, chan. Salisbury, 649.

Adam, archd. Dorset, 638.

Adams, John, prb. London, 392, 412.

Adams, Rice, prb. Salisbury, 665.

Adams, Robert, prb. London, 422.

Adams, Walter, prb. Lincoln, 102.

Adams, William, prb. Lincoln, 109.

Adams, William, prb. Llandaff, 267.

Adams, William, pre. Llandaff, 261.

Adams, William, archd. Llandaff, 261.

Adamson, John, prb. Lincoln, 122, 186.

Addison, Lancelot, prb. Salisbury, 660.

Adelelmus, archd. Dorset, 637.

Adelmus or Ascelinus, dn. Lincoln, 30.

Adwinus or Aedwin, prb. London, 444.


��v dhetan or Alt-tan. bp. London, 279. Airce, bp. Dunwich, 456. Aedwin or Adwinus, prb. London, 444. Aelfhun, bp. Dunwich, 4-7. Aelfun or Albunus, bp. London, 279. Aelfred, bp. Sherborne, 593. Aelfricus or Elricus. bp. Elmham, 458. Aelfricus, II., bp. Elmham, 458. Aelfwold, bp. Sherborne, 594. Aelmar, bp. Sherborne, 593. Aelmer, Samuel, prb. London, 396. Aelmer, Theopbilus, prb. London, 396. Aelmer, Aylmer or Elmer, Theopbilus,

archd. London, 323. . Elnothus or Elfnod, bp. Dorchester, 6. Aelfun or Albunus, bp. London, 279. Aelfwy or Alwy, bp. London, 279. Aescuulf, bp. Dunwich, 456. .Eswius or Escwi, bp. Dorchester, 6. Aethelferth, bp. Elmham, 457. Aethelmod, bp. Sherborne, 591. /Ethelnoth or Eathelnot, bp. London,

278. Aethelric, bp. Sherborne, 593. Aethelsige, bp. Sherborne, 593. Aethelstanus or Elstanus, bp. Elmham,

458- Aetheluine or Ethelwine,bp. Lindisse,3.

Aetheluulf, bp. Elmham, 457.

iEthericus or Etheric, bp. Dorchester, 6.

Affaite, de, la Faite, Affaite, la, prb. London, 379.

Affaite or La Faite or de Affaite, Wil- liam la, prb. London, 379.

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