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��I N 1) E \

��Blois, Peter of, or Blesensis, archd. Lon-

don, 318. Blomberg, Frederick William, prb.

London, 4.",o. Blomfield, Charles James, archd. Col-

chester, ,',44. Blomfield, Charles James, bp. London,

306. Blovet or Bluet. Si nun. an. Lincoln, 30. Blund, Roger, prb. Lincoln, 17. j. Blimd, William h\ inc. Lincoln, v 2. Blundell, William, prb. Londou, 302. Blundeville or Blnnville, Thomas de,

lip. Norn ich, 460. Bluntesdon, Robert, Bnbd. Salisbury,

620. BluntesdoD, Henry de, archd. Dorset,

Blunvil, Ralph de, archd. Norfolk, 48a. Blunville or Blundeville, Thomas de,

bp. Norwich, 4(10. Blyth, Daniel, prb. Salisbury, 659. Blyth, Geoffrey, treas. Salisbury, <q;. Blyth. William, archd. Norfolk, 483. Blythe, Geoffrey, prb. London, 437. Blythe, Geoffrey, archd. Salisbury, 625. Blythe, Hugh, archd. Leicester, 62. Blythe, John, archd. Huntingdon, gi.

Blythe, John, archd. Si.

Blythe, John, bp. Salisbury, 004. Bocheland or Bokland, Hugfa de, prb. London, ,"; ss .

Bocland. Geoffrey de, archd. Norfolk,

482. Bocton, Thos. de, subd. Salisbury, 620. Bohun, Ralph, prb. Salisbury, 665.

Bokimer, James de, prb. Lincoln. 210. Bokingham, William, prb. London, 4.' 1 . Bokingham, John de, prb. Lincoln, 132. Bokingham, John de, bp. Lincoln, 15.

Bokland or Bocheland, Hugh de, prb. London. 388.

Bokyngham, John, archd. Northamp- ton, 56.

Bole, Richard, prb. London, 430.

Bolemer. John de, prb. London, 3^8.

Boleyn, Henry, pre. Lincoln. 84.

Boleyn, Robert, pre. Llandaff, 261.

Boleyn. Thomas, prb. London. 427.

Boleyn, William, prb. London. 370.

Boloigne, Pascasius de, prb. London. 442.

Bolton, William, prb. Lincoln, 200.

Bolton, William, prb. London. 381.

Bonewell, Robert de, prb. London, y>2.

Bonewell. Robert de, archd. Middle- sex. 326.

Boniface, bp. East Anglki, 4

��Bonifaunt, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 221. Bonn, Rid. de, prb. London, 4-1. Bonner, Edmund, prb. London. 378. Bonner. Edmund, archd. Leicester, 62. Bonner, Edmund, bp. London, 300. Bonney, Henry Key, prb. Lincoln, 12;,.

Bonney, llenrv have, prb. Lincoln, 194.

raey, Henry Kaye, archd. Bedford,


Bonney, llenrv Kaye, archd. Lincoln,

48. '

Bonney, Thomas Have, prb. Lincoln, 228.

ney, Thomas Kaye, archd. Leices- ter, 63, 543.

Bonyfaunt, Thomas, prb. London. 363.

Booth, Peniston, prb. Lincoln. 227.

Booth. Peniston, chan. London. 361. Boothe, ('has., prb. Lincoln. 132, 130.

Boothe, ( 'ha-., archd. Buckingham, 70. Boothe, Edmund, archd. Stow, 7.;.

Boothe, Laurence, archd. Stow, 79, Boothe, William, prb. Lincoln, 209.

Boothe, William, chan. London, 360.

B 'the or Both, ('harks, prb. Lon- don. 431.

the or Bothe, William, archd. Mid- dlesex,

Bordeaux or Burdegal, Peter de, prb.

London, 406.

Bordley, Stephen, |irb. London, 432.

Borham, Hervey de, dn. London, 310.

Borisly or Breisley, Simon de, dn. Lin- coln. r-,3-

Boroughs, Benedict, prb. Lincoln, 147.

Borradaile, Fred., prb. Lincoln, [96.

BorstalL William de, prb. Lincoln, 106.

Borstali or Burttall, William, prb. Lon- don, 363.

Boreton, \\ illiam de, pre. London, 349.

Bosco, Win. de, chan. Salisbury, 649. (i. William de, pre. Salisbury, 641.

Bostock, Robert, archd. Suffolk, 4^9.

I icke, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 195.

Boteler, Edward, prb. Lincoln, 119, 170, 207.

Boteler, John, prb. Lincoln, 97, 197, 229.

Boteler, John, archd. Oxon, 66.

Boteler or Butiller, Thomas, prb. Lin- coln, 140.

Boteler or Butiller, Thomas, archd. Northampton, 37.

Both, John. prb. Lincoln, 193.

Both, Laurence, prb. London, 440.

Both orBoothe, ( has., prb. London, 431.

Bothe, Edmund, prb. London, 373.

Bothe, John, prb. London, 407.

�� �