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��Cope, John, prb. Lincoln, an. Copleston, Edward, prb. London, 399. Copleston, Edward, dn. London, 317. Copleston, Edward, bp. Llandaff, 357. Coplestoni', Edw., prb. Rochester, 588. Corbet, Clement, chan. Norwich, 496. Corbet, Edward, prb. Oxford, 3-- Corbet, Richard, dn. Oxford, 51a. Corbet, Richard, bp. Norwich, 47 1.

Corbet, Richard, bp. Oxford, 30;,.

Ck>rbridge,Thoma8de,prb.LincoLa,332. Cordon, alias Broun, Richard, archd.

Rochester, 580. Coren, Oliver, prb. Lincoln, 114,

19S, 204. ( '1 'iv n, Rich., prb. Lincoln, 141, 2:4 Coren or Cozen, Richard, archd.

cheater, 34 1 , ( loren, ( 'uren.C 'nrrcn or Curwen,Hugh,

bp. Oxford, 504. Coren or Curwyn, Richard, archd.

< )\on, 67. ( lorey, Robert, archd. Middlesex, 331. Coringham, Roger, prb. Lincoln, 185. Corker, William, prb. Salisbury, 660. Cornbull, John, prb. Lincoln, 200. Cornelius, John, prb. Lincoln, 199. Corner, William de la, bp. Salisbury,


Cornhill, Henry de, prb. London, 447.

Cornhili, Henry de, dn. London, 309.

Cornbull, Henry de, prb. London, 394.

Cornbull, Henry de, chan. London, 358.

Cornhull, William de, archd. Hunting- don. 4S 49.

Cornish, Henry, prb. Oxford, 325.

Cornuhia, Richard de, prb. Lincoln, 1S4.

Cornwall, Nich, de, prb. Lincoln, 10^.

Co rnwalleys,Thos., archd. Norwich, 48 1.

Cornwallis, Hon. Frederick, prb. Lin- coln, 175.

Cornwallis, Frederick, prb. London, 450.

Cornwallis, Hon. Frederick, dn. Lon- don, 316.

Coroner, William, prb. London, 377.

Cory, Robert, prb. London, 393.

Cory ton, Peter, prb. Peterborough, 347.

Cosen, Cowsen, Cousinne or Cousynne, Robert, treas. London, 356.

Cosin, John, dn. Peterborough, 539.

Costance vel Costentim, William de, prb. London, 365.

Costentim, William de, prb. London, 3 6 5-

Cosyn, Masculine, prb. London, 369.

Cosyn, William, archd. Bedford, 74.

Cour, alias Matthew, Simon, prb. Lon- don, 437.

��Courtenay, Henry Reginald, prb. Ro- chester, 584, 386.

( kmrtenay, Peter,prb. Lincoln, 124,221.

Courtenay, Peter, archd. Wilts, 630.

( kmrtenay, Richard, prb. London, 436.

Courtenay. Richard, bp. Norwich, 466.

Courtenay, William, bp. London, 29a.

Courteney, Richard, prb. Lincoln, 221.

Courteney, Richard, archd. Northamp- ton, 57.

Courtman, Maunsell, prb. Lincoln, 103,

l6 5 .

Courtney, Richard, prb. Lincoln, 105.

Courthorp, James, prb. Lincoln, 190.

Cousinne, Cosen. Cowsen, or Cousynne, Robert, treas. London, 356.

Cousins, William, prb. Lincoln, 109.

Cousyn, Robert, prb. London, 412.

Cousynne, Robert, prb. London, 393.

Cousynne, Cosen, ( Sowsen, or Cousinne, Robert, treas. London, 336.

Cotingham, Hugh, prb. London, 366.

Cotte, Thomas, chan. Lincoln, 92.

Cotterel, John, prb. Lincoln, 130.

Cottiaford, John, prb. Lincoln, ior.

Cottisford, Robert, prb. London, 399.

Cotton, Henry, prb. Salisbury, 655.

Cotton, Henry, pre. Salisbury, 644.

Cotton, Henry, bp. Salisbury, 607.

Cotton, Samuel, pre. Lincoln, 215.

Cotton, William, prb. London, 437.

Cove or Care, Roger de, prb. Lincoln, 125.

Covell, William, prb. Lincoln, 101.

Covell or Covil, William, subd. Lin- coln, 41.

Coventry, John de, archd. Llandaff, 259.

Coventry, John de, (Llandaff), 246.

Covil or Covell, William, subd. Lin- coln, 41.

Cowdray or Cawdrey, Richard, archd. Norwich, 480.

Cowland, Richard, prb. Lincoln, 180.

Cowland, Collend or Colland, Richard, pre. Lincoln, 85.

Cowper, Isaac, prb. Lincoln, 175.

Cowper, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 173.

Cowper, William Henry, prb. Roches- ter, 583.

Cowper or Cooper, Thomas, bp. Lin- coln, 24.

Cowsen, Cosen, Cousinne or Cousynne, Robert, treas. London, 336.

Cox, Hadley, archd. Bedford, 76.

Cox, Richard, prb. Lincoln, 217.

Cox, Richard, dn. Oxford, 511.

Cox, Richard, bp. Norwich, 469.

Coxe, Wm., prb. Salisbury, 679, 680.

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