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��Fuller, Samud, chan. Lincoln, 94. Fuller, Samuel, dn. Lincoln, 35. Fuller, Thomas, prb. Salisbury, Fuller, William, op. Lincoln, 26. Fulmere or Fouhnere, Robert, archd.

Suffolk, 488. Funds, Ralph, prb. London, 400. Fylol, Giles, prb. London, 4 Fylol, Giles de, archd. Colchester, 3 Fynche or Finch, Edward, arc

Wilts, 630.

i ide, John, prb. Lincoln, 109.

Fyshar, John, prb. London, 4J4. Fytche, Stephen, prb. Lincoln, 1 iS,203. Fyton, John, chan. Salisbury, 050.


(iadesden, John de, prb. London, 44^.

Gaiaford, Thomas, prb. Llandaff, 268.

Gaisford, Thomas, prb. London, 371.

Gaiaford, Thomas, <\\\. Oxford, .-,15.

Gale, Thomas, prb. London, 381'.

Gale, William, prb. Salisbury, 063.

Gaily, Henry, prb. Norwich, 498.

Galsagus, bp. Thetford, 43 s .

Gamage, Edward, prb. Llandaff, 267.

Gamage, Edward, archd. Llandaff, 260. lage, John. prb. Sahsbury, 668.

Gamborile vel Camborile, Nicholas dc, prb. London, 451.

Gandavo, [swin de, archd. Wilts, 629.

Gandavo, Iswyn de, pre. Salisbury, 641.

Gandavo or Ghent, Simon de, bp. Salis- bury, ,-,99.

Gandavo, or of Gaunt, Simon de, archd. Oxon, 65.

Gane, John, prb. Salisbury, 665.

Gange, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 161.

Gange, Thomas, prb. London, 424.

Gansted or Gounsted, Simon, archd. Wilts, 6,^0.

Gardiner, George, prb. Norwich, 500.

Gardiner, George, chan. Norwich, 496.

Gardiner, George, archd. Norwich, 491.

Gardiner, George, dn. Norwich, 476.

Gardiner, James, prb. Lincoln, 103, 213.

Gardiner, James, prb. Salisbury, 658.

Gardiner, James, subd. Lincoln, 41.

Gardiner, James, bp. Lincoln, 27.

Gardiner, Rich., prb. Oxford, 521, 522.

Gardiner, Stephen, archd. Leicester, 61.

Gardiner, Stephen, archd. Norfolk, 484.

Gardiner, William, prb. Lincoln, 157.

Gare, John de la, prb. Lincoln, 177.

Gare, William de la, prb. Lincoln, 134.

Gare, William de la, archd. Lincoln, 44.

Garey, Samuel, prb. Norwich, 497.

Garherst,Hugh de, chan. Salisbury, 649.

��Garland, John de, prb. London, 417. Garmston, Samuel, prb. Lincoln, 122. 1 Dudley, prb. Lincoln, 215.

j iry, prb. Lincoln, 107.

th, Gregory, chan. Lincoln, 94.

mi Josh., prb. Peterborough, 551. Garvey, Richard, prb. Lincoln, 1 Gascoign, Edward, chan. Norwich, 41/1. .iie. Francis, prb. Lincoln, 214. . Francis, prb. < Oxford, 5 Gatesdone, John de, prb. London, Gatford, Lionell, pre. London, 351. Gatford, Lionell, treas. London, 357. < latford, Lionell, archd.St.Alban's, 347. Gatley, Edward, prb. Lincoln, 2^-,.

Gaufridus, archd. London, 318.

Dsted, Simon, prb. Lincoln, 137. (launt or Gandavo, Simon de, archd.

Oxon, 63. Gauntlett, Samuel, prb. London, 413. Gebmund, bp. Rochester, 555. Geddes, Michael, chan. Salisbury, 653. Gee, Edward, prb. Lincoln, 232. . Edward, ^n. Lincoln, 36. . Edward, dn. Peterborough, 340. i Jeffrey or Jeffery, William, chan. Salis- bury, 651.

r, Jobn, prb. Lincoln, 131. Geoffrey, prb. London, 382, 397, 406,

43'). 447-

i'rey, treas. Lincoln, 87.

Geoffrey, archd. Bedford, 72.

Geoffrey, archd. Berks. 632.

Geoffrey, archd. Sahsbury, 622. iffrey, bp. Llandaff, 242.

George, William, prb. Lincoln, 224.

George, William, dn. Lincoln, 36.

Georges, Thomas, prb. Salisbury, 658.

Gerald, pre. Salisbury, 642.

Germanus, pre. Salisbury. 041.

Gerrneyne, Edward, prb. Lincoln, 118.

Gery, John, prb. Lincoln, 179.

Gery, John, archd. Buckingham, 71.

Gery, John, archd. Stow, 81.

Gery, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 183.

Gery, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 170.

Gery, William, prb. Lincoln, 179.

Gery, William, prb. Peterborough, 348.

Gery, William, archd. Norwich, 481.

Gest or Gheast, Edmund, bp. Roches- ter, 571.

Getingdon, Richard, prb. London, 389.

Geyton, Francis, prb. Lincoln, 166.

Gheast, Edmund, bp. Salisbury, 606.

Gheast or Gest, Edmund, bp. Roches- ter, 571.

Ghent, Simon of, bp. Sahsbury, 599.

Gibern, Dan. Gabriel, prb. Lincoln, 108.

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