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NO M I N l; m.


��Kirkby, John de, prb. Lincoln, 129. Kirkeby, John de, archd. Dorset, 638. Kirkeby, John de, (Rochester,) 562. Kirketon, Alan, prb. Lincoln, 155. Kirketon, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 163. Kii'kham, Robert, prb. Lincoln, aa Kirkliam, Robert, pre. Salisbury, 643. Kirk man, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 142. Kirmington, (ioiceline de, archil. Stow,

Kirnington, Goceline de, prb. Lincoln,

up. Kirnington, Jocehne de,archd. Stow, 77. Kirnington, Josceline de, prb. Lincoln,

140. Kirnington, Josceline de, treas. Lin-

!n, 88. Kirnington, Josceline or Goceline de.

Cm. Lincoln. 31 . Kittling, Geoffrey, dn. Lincoln, 30. Kitchin, alias Dunstan, Anthony, bp.

Llandaff, 251 . Knapton, Will, de, archil. Norwich. 470. Knapton, Will, de, archil. Suffolk, 4^7. Knesworth, Thomas Strete de, ti

I .ondon, 353. Knight. John, prb. Llandaff, 264, 269. Knight. Samuel, prb. Lincoln, 1 Knight, Samuel, archd. Berks, 637. Knight, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 209. Knight, William, prb. Lincoln, 150. Knight, William, prb. London, 375. Knight, Will., archd. Huntingdon, ;,-' Knight, Will. Bruce, chan.Llandaff, 204 Knight, Will. Bruce, dn. Llandaff. 258 Knightley, Walter, chan. London, 360 Knightley, Walter, treas. London, 3-3 Knightly, Walter, prb. London. 440. Knighton, John, prb. Lincoln, 145. Knighton, John, subd. Lincoln, 41. Knipe, Richard, prb. Oxford, 531. Knowles, Ralph. prb. Lincoln, 206. Kylnington or Kilmyngton, Richard de,

archd. London, 321. Kylnington or Kilmyngton, Richard de,

dn. London, 311. Kyme, Richard de, treas. Lincoln, 87. Kymer, Gilbert, dn. Salisbury, 616. Kynbauton or Kynebarton, Joceus or

Jocius de, pre. London, 348. Kynebarton, Joceus or Jocius de, pre.

London, 348. Kyngeston, Rich., prb. London, 407. Kyngeston, Richard, archd. Colchester,

340. Kynmelmersh, Will., prb. London, 448. Kynsey, Robert, prb. Salisbury, 653. Kyrkeby, John, prb. London, 411.

��Kvrkenny or Kinkenny or Kilkenny,

William de, prb. London, 372. Kyrketon, Alan, prb. London, 386. Kyrkham, Robert, prb. London, 367. Kytlington, Thus, de, prb. Lincoln, 1 70.

��Lacey, Edmund, prb. Lincoln. [93.

Lacy, Robert de, treas. Lincoln,

I tra or la Fere, William de, prb. Lon- don. 426.

Lake, John, prb. London, 393.

Lake. William, prb. Salisbury, 663.

Lakyng, Nicholas de, Bubd. Salisbury, 619.

Lamb, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 1-7.

Lambart, William, prb. London, 430.

Lambe, Henry, prb. London, 396.

Lambe, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 108.

Lambe, Robert, dn. Peterborough, 540.

Lambe, Robert, bp. Peterborough, 537.

Lambert, Thomas, prb. Salisbury, 638.

Lambert. Thomas, archd. Salisbury, 626.

Lamplugh, Thomas, archd. London, 324.

Lamplugh, Thomas, dn. Rochester, 578.

Lamplugh, William, prb. Lincoln, 146.

Lancaster, Thos., treas, Salisbury, 647.

Lancaster, William, archd. Middlesex,

33 ' Landlord or Langford, Rad. de, prb.

London. 438.

Landon, Whittingdon, prb. Salisbury,


Landon, Whittington, prb. Norwich, 497. Lane, William, prb. Lincoln, 121. Lane, William, prb. Salisbury, 669. Laney, Benjamin, bp. Lincoln, 20. Langdon, John, bp. Rochester, 566. Langeton, Simon de, prb. London, 394. Langford, Ralph de, dn. London, 307. Langford, Roger de, prb. London, 365. Langford, Walter de, dn. London, 308. Langford or Landford, Rad. de, prb.

London, 438. Langley, Giles, archd. Llandaff, 260. Langley, Henry, prb. Oxford, 531. Langley, Hugh, prb. Salisbury, 653. Langley, R^lph, prb. London, 395. Langley, Robert, chan. Norwich, 494. Langley, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 152. Langport, Richard, prb. Lincoln, 192. Langtoft, Thomas de, prb. Lincoln, 178,

230. Langton, John, prb. Lincoln, 147. Langton, John, prb. London, 417. Langton, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 236. Langton, Robert, archd. Dorset, 639. Langton, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 198.

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