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��Southoae, Christopher, prb. Lincoln,


Southose or Southouse, John, prb. Lin- coln, 102.

Southouse, John, prb. Lincoln, 102.

Southwerk, Thomas de, prb. London,

Spun, James of. prb. London, 439. Spaldewyck, William Percehay de, ]>rb.

Lincoln, 199. Sparchford, Richard, prb. London, 378. Spark, Thomas, prb. Lancoln, 14:,, 181,

2l8, 220. 234.

Spark, William, prb. Lincoln. 2211. 934. Sparke, Thomas, archd. Ozon, 66. Sparke, Thomas, archd. Stow. so. Sparke William, archd. Leicester, 6 1 , Sparks, Thomas, prb. Rochester, 58a. Sparma or Sparwe, \ : under, tn London, 354.

Sparow, Alexander, archd. Her

S row or Sparwe, Alexander, archd. Salisbury, 024.

Sparrow, Anthony, archd. Sudbury.

493 Sparrow, Anthony, bp. Norwich, 472.

v rrow, .lame-, prb. Salisbury, 07 75.

Sparwe or Sparma. Alexander, li

London, 354.

S rwe or Sparow, Alexander, archd.

Salisbui y. 024. S iteman, Thomas, prb. London, 432. Spearhafoc, bp. London, 2^0. Speed, Samuel, prb. Lincoln, i:\ [96. Speed. Samml. prb. Oxford, .-20. Spencer, John, prb. London, 387,

Spencer. John, archd. Sudbury. 493. Spencer, Mile-, prb. Norwich, 497. Spencer. Miles, chan. Norwich, 496. Spencer, Mile-, archd. Sudbury. 49a.

Spencer. Robert, prb. Lincoln, 167, 190,

2-Yv Spencer de, orle Spencer, or Despei

Henry, bp. Norwich, 4' Spendelore, John, prb. London, 402. Spendlove, John, prb. London, 40 s *. Spendlove, John. prb. Norwich. 501. Spendlove or Spendlowe, John, prb.

London. 396. Spendlowe, John. prb. London, 396. Spicer, John. prb. Salisbury, 677. Sjii^urnell, William, archd. Colchec


Spinckes, Nathaniel, prb. Salisbury,

2. Spofford, 'I nomas, > Rochester, 566.

Sponne, William, chan. Norwich, 495,

��Sponne, William, archd. Norfolk, 4^4. Sprat, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 125. Sprat, Thomas, prb. Rochester, 586. Sprat, Thomas, archd. Rochester, 581. Spratt, Thomas, bp. Rochester, .-,74.

Sprever. William, prb. Lincoln, 231.

Sprever, William, prb. London, 380. Spridlington, Richard de, prb. Lmcoln,

109. Spridlington, William de. prb. Lincoln,

ics. Sprint, John, treas. Salisbury, 047. Sprint. John, archd. Wilts, 631. Spry, Benjamin, prb. Salisbury, 676. Sprv. James Hume, prb. Salisbury,

676. Spry. John, archd. Berks, 637. Spry. Matthew, prb. Salisbury, 675,

Squire, Adtun, prb. London, 440.

Squire, Adam, archd. Middlesex, 330.

Squire, John, prb. Salisbury, 6(

St. Alban'a, Reginald of, prb. London,

.V'.V St. Alb in's, Reginald of, archd. Lon-

.20. St. Frideswida, Richard de. prb. Lin-

I , I s J .

Si Prideswide, Richard de, prb. Lin- St. John, Edward) prb. Lincoln. 1 St. John. Edward de, prb. Lincoln, 20-.

St. Laurence, John de. prb. London.


St. Marshall, Hugh de, prb. Lincoln, 1- |.

J hn de, prb. London, 383. v. John. prb. Lincoln, 10.-,. Stacy. John, archd. Buckingham, 69.

Stacy, John lie. prb. Lincoln, 171.

Stafford, Edmund, prb. Lincoln, 231.

. John, prb. Lincoln, 211. Stafford, John, chan. Salisbury, 650.

'old. John, archd. Salisbury, 0J4. Stafford, John de, prb. Lincoln, 20^. Stainton, Simon, prb. London, 414. Staller, Thos., archd. Rod )l.

Stallworth, Simon, prb. Lincoln, 100,

120. 137, 159, [69, 197. Stallworth, Simon, pre. Salisbury, 043. Stallworth, Simon, subd. Lincoln. 40.

oford, Taurinus de. dn. London,


v nper. rhomas, prb. London. 396. Stanbery. John. | Norwich. 1 407. StanbriuVc John, prb. Lincoln, 1 14. Stanbrigg, <ules, subd. Salisbury, 630.

Si dolt'. John. prb. London. 427.

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