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��Wygenhale, alias Saresson, John, chan. Norwich, 495.

Wyg nhale, alias Saresson, John, archd. Sudbury, 492.

Wyke, John, prb. London, 430.

Wyke, John, pre. Loud

Wyke, Nich. de, Bubd. Salisbury, 020.

  • Wykeham, William, prb. Lincoln, 11;,.

' Wykeham, William, dn. Lincoln, 34.

Wykeham, William, bp. Lincoln, 24.

Wykeham or Wicham, Nicholas, archd. Wilts, (<2(j.

Wykeham, Nicholas de, chan. Salis- bury, 650.

Wykeham, Will, de, prb. Lincoln, ai8.

Wykeham, William de, prb. London, 420. 439.

Wykeham, Will, de, archd. Lincoln, 44.

Wykeham, William de, archd. North- ampton, 57.

Wykehampton, Robert de, dn. Salis- bury, 014.

Wykehampton or Wychehampton, Ro- bert de, bp. Salisbury, 597*

Wykes, Gilbert, prb. Lincoln. 142.

Wykes, Gilbert, prb. London. 446.

Wykes, John, prb. London, 451.

Wykes, Thomas, pre. London, 351.

Wykes or Weekes, Thomas, prb. Lon- don, 396.

Wykyneston,Wm. de, prb. London, 430.

Wylberfosse, Peter, prb. London, 452.


Wylde, William, prb. London, 363,421.

Wylde, William, pre. London, 330.

Wylde, William, treas. London, 3--.

Wyle, Henry de la, chan. Salisbury, 649.

Wyle, Nich. de la, pre. Salisbury, 641.

Wyle, Walter de la, subd. Salisbury, 619.

Wyle, Walter de la, bp. Salisbury, 597.

Wyle, Win. de la, archd. Dorset, 638.

Wyleby or Wyleweby, Philip, prb. Lon- don, 363.

Wylewebey, Philip de, prb. London, 380.

Wyleweby or W^yleby, Philip, prb. Lon- don, 363.

Wyllanton, Robert, prb. London, 449.

Wyllocke, John, prb. London, 384.

Wylton, William, chan. Salisbury, 651.

Wymbell, Nicholas, prb. Lincoln, 234.

Wymbush, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 236.

Wymbush, Robert, subd. Lincoln, 40.

Wymbysh, Nicholas, prb. Lincoln, 158.

Wymbysh, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 109.

Wymbyss, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 203.

��W T ymmesley, John, prb. London, 437.

Wymineslc-y orWymmisley,John,archd. London, t,2t,.

Wymmesley or Wymunsley, John, archd. Middlesex, 330.

W \ ii nn is ky or Wymmesley, John, archd. London, 323.

Wymund, prb. London, 414.

Wymunsley or Wymmesley, John,archd. Middlesex, 330.

Wynchcomb,John de,pre. London, 349.

Wynchcombe, Richard de, prb. Lin- coln, 113.

Wyndham, George, pre. London, 350.

Wyndham, Geo., archd. Norwich, 481.

Wyngham or Wengham, John de, pre.

London, 348. Wynn, Hugh, prb. Salisbury, 670. Wynn, Morgan, prb. Lincoln, 118. Wynne, Hugh, prb. London, 441. Wynne, Morgan, archd. Lincoln, 47. Wynniffe, Thomas, prb. London, 412. Wynshale or Winchelsey, Robert de,

prb. London, 420. Wynshale or Winchelsey, Robert de,

archd. Essex, 333. Wj nter. John, prb. London, 376. Wynterborne, Thos., prb. London, 411. Wynterbourn, ThoB., dn. London, 313. Wynterton, Henry, archd. Essex, 334. Wynwyk, John, archd. Berks, 634. Wyot, Richard, prb. Lincoln, 172. Wyot, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 147. Wyott, Robert, prb. London, 363. Wyott, Robert, archd. Middlesex, 329. WyppyU, John, prb. London, 386. Wyrescestria or Worcester, Roger of,

prb. London, 362. Wytham, William, prb. London, 375. Wyther, John, subd. Salisbury, 620. Wythers, Geo., archd. Colchester, 342. Wythers, John, prb. London, 408. Wyting, John, prb. London, 432. Wytton, Richard, prb. Lincoln, 129. Wyvell, William, prb. London, 410. Wyvill, John, prb. London, 413. Wyvill, John, prb. Rochester, 585. Wyvill, Walter, treas. Salisbury, 646. Wyvill, Robert de, prb. Lincoln, 151. Wyville, Robert, bp. Salisbury, 600.

��Yardeburg, John, prb. London, 380. Yates, Lowther, prb. Norwich, 500. Yeate, Cornelius, archd. Wilts, 631. Yeates, Cornelius, prb. Salisbury, 663. Yeverino, Peter de, prb. Lincoln, 96.

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