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Was built by William Waynfleet, bishop of Win- chester, in the year J480, and intended for a grammar school to furnish youths for Magdalen college. It was first called Grammar Hall, and afterwards Magdalen Hall.

The Principal is nominated by the Chancellor of the University.


Richard Gotynden, in 1487.

Edward Grove occurs in 1499.

John Stokesley in 1502. Bishop of London in 1530.

John Longland succeeded in 1505. See Deans of

Salisbury. William Azard or Hazard was admitted 5th Dec.

1507. He died 26th Aug. 1509, and was buried in

Magdalen college chapel. Richard Stokes succeeded 18th July 1509. John Caley, M.A., 1511. Henry Wystyng or Whytyng, 1526. Robert Parkhouse was admitted 8th March 1528. Christopher Rookes, 15th Dec. 1529. John Burgess, M.A., 9th April 1532. John Green, M.A., 25th Jan. 1535. Richard Engest, 25th April 1537. Simon Parret, M.A., 31st May 1541. John Redman, M.A., 19th July 1550. Thomas Coven ey, M.A., 4th April 1553. See Presi- dents of Magdalen college. Adrian Hawthorne, M.A., 22nd Oct. 1558. Robert Lyster, M.A., LL.B., 1570. He was buried

24th July 1602, in the church of St. Peter-in-the-

East, Oxford. James Hussee, LL.D., late felloio of New collepe^ and

registrary of the University^ succeeded in 1602.