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Ralph Battell, A.M., installed 22nd — t68o. Ob.

20th March 17 12-13. William Bramston, S.T.P., nominated 20th April,

and installed 8th June 1713. Bernard Wilsox, M.A., installed 13th Oct. 1734, on

the death of AVilliam Bramston. James Stillingfleet, M.A., collated 3rd June 1772,

on the death of Bernard Wilson. Ob. 6th July 1817. Richard Bagot, appointed i6th July 1817, vice James

Stillingfleet deceased. Charles Richard Sumner, appointed nth March

1822, vice Richard Bagot. Thomas Gaisford, M.A., appointed i8th June, and

collated 2nd Aug. 1825. Thomas Singleton, M.A,, appointed 19th Jan., and

collated 2 1st Feb. 1 8 29. Ob. j 3th Mar. i842,8etat. 58^


Richard Ever, B.D., by foundation charter 24th Jan, 1541-2.

Ralph Cookley, installed 4th Sept. 1558.

Thomas Arden, installed 30th Nov. 1558.

Libbeus Byard, installed i6th June 1560.

John Bullingham, installed 20th Oct. 1570. He be- came bishop of Gloucester in 158 1.

Godfrey Goldsborougii, installed ist Sept. 1581. He became bishop of Gloucester, but held this stall in commendam.

William Barksdale, A.M., installed 29th May 1604. Ob. 25th Feb. 1628-9.

Samuel or Stephen Bhoughton, A.M., installed in March 1628-9.

Barnabas Olky, A.M., presented 3rd Aug. 1660. Ob. 20th Fob, 1685-6.

John Hough, A.M., installed 12th March 1685-6. Ho became bishop of Oxford in 1690.

Joseph Meuill, A.M., nominated ist May, and in- stalled 3 1 St May 1690.