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NOEBW&WIi' V. WBI^BT. fëS �: A' co^t*^t6d to sçH to p. 5^ J<ms,of rails, tçi|bft;!^pe(i a* ^ �. mtp^ of Aboift 1,000; ,tori8 per month, the.;whole tqbe shipped withijn �SIX monins, eàcli cargo fo'be paiS for" bh delivery;' !aii àhippe(i lÀii �350 tons the flrst month, and 897 the second month, but shipped iue �whole'witbi» tbeisi^ Jaçnths. 'B,; after having r^ç^Vve^ ai^d p^ieUfor �; 0neç^gq,.lleaf^e4;Pf the d^ajilt'Of A, the flist month's s]^p- �me^it. Jletdyihà% he CQuld^ res.cinid the coutifaçt, and lefuse to accept �thieotiiersiiitmieiltsi'' '•' " - '■ " '■': ^>-'i<-!' �-:> ^ :■■':■'■);■: "t ^ .'; > , i,,j.i. :■■■:,/ [i ■■ • ■.- ,■ .-. : �•■ Motion; totit^epfif.Noppmt.,^:-,, ■ , ; ., . : f . ■,/ ,■,.. . Assumpsithy A. NojqrL^gtp:^ & Cq. against/Peter Wright & Stins iippn the folipwing çopt^raçit j ; , ; ■ , > ;; i r �'1 ! "Phieidei/ehia, Jarraary 19, 1880, ! �"Sol(it»Mes6rs. Petei5WrJght;& Sons, for aceountofiMesjsiyB. A. Norrmgtom & Go*, Lonidon, 5,000 tons old T iron trails, for shipmefat froài à European port orports, at the rate ofabout 1,OOG tons per niofitK;. lœgitining Februaxyj .1880,;btit .whoiô c'ontiact to'ee skipped before Augu'st 1, 1880,' at<$45 .p'er ton of 2,240 iJounds, oustom-house weight, ea; shij) iPliiiadelpbia, Settlement cash; on presentation of ^bilTs accompanited l^cns' toiû-honse certificatë oi weight. Sellera to.notifyMj'ters iot Bhi|)meiits; Tfith vessels named, as soon asi known^ by thein. Sellers not to be comjMeikd to replace anypiàroel Idst after ghii^naent/' Sellers, •wiien possible, to bmyers righfr to àame dis&harging berth of v^selsat Philadelphiai'^ �' The declaration averred performance by'plaintiff s, aiid refusai toaiiicepti)y' defendants;' '■ - �' A*t the -triai, (before McKennarfànd: Butler,^J.,) plairitiffs proved shipmeiife under ihis contràet aë follows:' Februaryy 8ôe tons; March,'897 tone;Aprir, 1,S49 Ions; May ^ 1,09^ tônë; Jtine, 991' tons-; July,' 306 tons. The first - cargo, côni sisting of the 395 tons shipped ih February; wàs received anû ffaid ior by defendants.' Upon'tbe arrivai 'of the other Car- goes, defendants declined to receive thetn, ancf claimed the right to rescind the contract, because of the'failure of plain- tiffs t'o ship the sti^lateid c[uaEtity iii Febfûa'ry and*' Màrch. PlaihtiffS fàilëa tO' 8ho% 'tHa't' defendants, at'the tirne of receiviiig' the first carigo, kiiew of plaintiffs' diefaûlt iii niakiiig �the snipnients. ' •'" '" �v.5,no.9— 49 ����