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392 FEDERAL REPORTER. �open the combination lock, the time look will remain intact, and cannot be opened by the burglars or the officer in charge of the combination. Such resulta cannot be accomplished by a time lock alone, because, when it releases its boit work, the safe or vault door is absolutely unlocked, and no look present for use during the day ; nor by two or more combi- nation locks together, because the holders of the combina- tions may be taken to the banks and forced to open the locks. Neither can tampering with the combination lock affect the time lock. The combination lock may be punched from its position by burglars, but then the time lock, being separate and independent from it^ cannot be affected or disturbed, because there is no opening through the door by which it can be reached. It is therefore superior to a.lock which bas the time movement combined directly with the combination lock, both forming one lock, in which case any violence to the lock work disarranges the time movement. �"Another advantage of my invention is the capability of the separate locks being applied on different parts of the safe or vault door with respect to the boit work indifferently, The boit work on different safe or vault doors is frequently such that the time lock and the combination or key lock cannot be applied together; but in such case the time look may be attached at the most convenient location, as no opening through the door is requisite. The time look can be applied with ease and facility to the doors of old safes or vaults hav- ing the combination or key lock already thereon, thus secur- ing the advantage of a time lock and a combination or key lock without the necessity of removing the old lock, I do not claim broadly a time lock of any peouliar construction, nor do I claim two or more combination locks combined with the boit work of a safe or vault door, as such are old and well known." �The third claim is as follows: (3.) The combination with the boit work of a safe or vault door of a combination or key lock, controllable mechanically from the exterior of the said door, with the time lock, having a lock boit or obstruction for locking and unlocking, controllable from the interior oi ��� �