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assented to than those of other branches of knowledge, No. XXX. 194
c. the reason for that diversity of opinion in morals and politics is the passions and prejudices of the reasoner, 194
d. the same influences prevail among the opponents of the new system, 194
A. the reasoning of the anti-Fœderalists reviewed, 194
B. their fairness, in argument, considered, 195
C. a review of Publius's arguments on the powers of the government, 197
D. a review of the anti-Fœderal arguments on the probability of usurpation by the Fœderal government, 197
E. a review of the arguments on the probable aggressions of the State governments on the Fœderal authority, 197
a. the sympathy of the People with the State governments, 197
h. objection, that such a power in the Fœderal government would interfere with the State governments in their levies of money, considered, XXXI. 198
a. the sense of the People, a barrier to the oppressive use of this power by the Fœderal authorities, 198
b. the hazard of provoking the resentments of the State governments, another barrier thereto, 198
c. a conviction of the utility and necessity of local administrations, for local purposes, a third barrier thereto, 198
d. the several States would still retain an independent and uncontrollable authority to raise their own revenues, 198
A. an attempt, by the Fœderal authorities, to abridge that authority will be a violent assumption of unconstitutional power, 199
B. the sovereignty of the Fœderal authorities limited in extent, 199
a. "where the Constitution in express terms grants an exclusive authority to the Union," 199
b. "where it grants an authority to the Union and prohibits the States from exercising the like authority," 199
c. "where it grants an authority to the Union, to which a similar authority in the States would be absolutely and totally contradictory and repugnant," 199
C. the only exclusive power of taxation which is delegated to the Fœderal government is that of imposing taxes on imports, 200
D. the authority to impose taxes on all other articles is