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On the following day, (January 28, 1818,) Mr. Coleman continued the discussion by publishing the following supplementary article:—

[From The New York Evening Post, No. 4876, New York, Wednesday, January 28, 1818.]

"It has been suggested that I was less explicit than I might have been, in the article entitled The Federalist, in last evening's paper, respecting the memorandum there mentioned as left by Gen. Hamilton, designating the respective authors of that work: I, therefore, for the entire satisfaction of the public, now state, that the memorandum referred to is in General Hamilton's own hand writing, was left by him with his friend judge Benson, the week before his death, and was, by the latter, deposited in the city library, where it now is, and may be seen, pasted in one of the volumes of The Federalist."

To the insolent threat which Mr. Coleman had issued in the former of these articles, the printer of the new edition published the following temperate answer:—

[From the City of Washington Gazette, Monday, February 2, 1818.]

"To the Editor of the City of Washington Gazette.

"Mr. Elliot,—The Editor of the New York Evening Post, in his paper of the 27th ult. has thought proper to caution me against the adoption of the list of authors of The Federalist, as published in the papers of this city, in the edition of that work which I am about to put to press, 'under the penalty of having it denounced.' This premonition is the more surprising, inasmuch as I had stated that the names of the