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by the federal convention, | September 17, 1787. | In two volumes. | Vol. II. | New-York: | Printed and sold by J. and A. McLean, | No. 41, Hanover-Square. | M,DCC,LXXXVIII."

It forms a neatly printed duodecimo of three hundred and ninety pages, which are thus arranged: Title-page, as above; verso, blank,—both unpaged; iii. to vi., "Contents"; 1 to 365, "The Federalist: addressed to the People of the State of New-York"; 366, blank; 367 to 384, "Articles of the New Constitution; as agreed upon by the Federal Convention, September 17, 1787."

In every other respect than the number of pages it contains it is uniform in appearance with the first volume which has been already described; and both volumes are entirely without illustrations.

The text of Numbers I. to LXXVII., inclusive, which was produced in this edition of The Federalist is, with very slight alterations, that which had been previously published and circulated in the columns of the various newspapers of the day,—indeed, the "additions" thereto, which had been promised in the Proposals, are very few in number, and possess no importance whatever; that of Numbers LXXVIII. to LXXXV., inclusive, is from the author's manuscript, and is, therefore, the only authentic and authorized version of that portion of the work. The "alterations" in the earlier numbers, also, possess no interest beyond the confusion which they have produced in the numbers which are prefixed to the several essays, from Number XXIX. to the close of the work. In this new edition, the editor divided the original Number XXXI. into two distinct parts, (XXXII. and XXXIII.,) and the greater part of the original Number XXXV. he transferred, and with it formed a new Number XXIX. Of course the original Numbers XXIX. and XXX. became new Numbers XXX. and XXXI.; the