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and verso thereto, blank,—all unpaged; 1 to 506, "Le Fédéraliste"; 507 to 511, "Table des Chapitres Contenus dans ce second Volume."

They are printed in signatures generally of sixteen pages each, designated by letters, on a thin, dark-colored paper, with type of the size then known as Cicero ordinaire,—similar to small pica,—leaded, and are without any illustrations, except head-pieces on page 1 of each volume and an occasional tail-piece.

The translator of this edition was M. Trudaine de la Sabliére; and, in addition to the elaborate Introduction already referred to, he added many judicious Notes for the illustration of different portions of the text.

The description of this edition which is here given is the result of a careful examination of the imperfect copy which is in the library of Harvard University, and of the second volume only of what appears to be the same work, which is in the library of the New York Historical Society.

In the same year (1792) another edition of Le Fédéraliste appears to have been issued in Paris by the same publisher who had issued that which was last described,—M. Buisson.

If it was not from the same forms from which the former edition had been printed, this appears to have been a careful reprint of that, even its errors having been reproduced, with the exception that the editorial introduction which M. De la Sabliére had inserted in the former was entirely omitted from this edition,—the "Constitution Des Etats-Unis de l'Amérique," on page xxij., following the unpaged "Avertissement," without any pages iij. to xxj. intervening, and without a notice concerning the omission or the causes which led to it.

The only copy of this edition of which any information has been received is that which is in the Library of the State of New York, at Albany; and the above de-