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1810,—both unpaged; iii. to vi., "Contents"; 7 to 477 "The Federalist"; 478, blank; 479 to 504, "Appendix," containing Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution for the United States, with the Amendments.

It is printed in signatures of eight pages each, on a fair quality of paper, with long-primer type, and is illustrated with the portraits of the authors, from the same plates, by Leney, which have been referred to before, and disposed of in precisely the same manner as in the edition of 1817, by the same publisher.

It is very evident that this edition is from the same forms or plates which had been used in the printing of that which had been issued in the preceding year by the same publisher, with the addition of an "Appendix," which the former—probably a cheaper issue—had not contained.

This description is the result of a careful examination, by Charles C. Jewett, Esq., of a copy which is in the Public Library, in the city of Boston.

Early in the year 1818, "Proposals" were issued for the publication of a new edition of The Fœderalist, probably the tenth. The following is a copy of the "Proposals" referred to:—

[From the National Intelligencer, Vol. XVIII. No. 2696, Washington, Thursday, January 1, 1818.]

BY JACOB GIDEON, Junr. Printer, of the City of Washington, for publishing, by subscription, a new edition of the


On the new Constitution and Proclamation of Neutrality, written in the years 1788 and 1793,