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with a very complete and carefully prepared Index to the entire work.

The text which has been adopted in this edition is that which the distinguished authors themselves originally gave to the world, without addition, abridgment, or the least alteration, except where typographical errors were subsequently corrected by the authors themselves, or are apparent and unquestionable.

In thus rejecting, as unworthy of entire confidence, every collective edition of The Fœderalist which has hitherto appeared, I am sensible that I have carried out the decided preference of General Hamilton and Mr. Jáy, while a single exception only occurs in which the same original text appears to have been mutilated with the approval of Mr. Madison. At the same time, it is gratifying to know that the choice which I have made in the selection of a text has met the entire approval of many of the nearest friends of the writers ; and it is confidently believed that The Fœderalist, as the authors originally left it, and, with the exception referred to, desired it to remain, is now for the first time presented in book-form to the world.

The portraits which have been selected for the illustration of these volumes also merit attention. That of General Hamilton is from a faithful copy on Sêvres china of the celebrated Talleyrand miniature, which Hon. James A. Hamilton designates the best likeness of his father, and has kindly permitted to be used for the illustration of this work. That of Mr. Madison is from the celebrated original painting by Stuart which graces the fine collection of A. A. Low, Esq., of Brooklyn; and