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Essay. Page
c. because of the necessary plurality of the military establishments, No. XIII. 83
10. the objection which has been drawn from the extent of territory which the Union occupies, answered, XIV. 83
A. the distinction between a republic and a democracy noticed, 84
B. the errors of political writers concerning the turbulence in the ancient republics, 84
C. practicability of extending the limits of a republic, 85
D. the territory of the United States not too extended for their proper government, 85
E. the territory of the United States compared with those of some European nations, 86
F. the jurisdiction of the United States limited to objects of general interest, 86
G. the objects of the proposed Constitution are to secure the union of the thirteen primitive States, and to add to their number, 87
H. the intercourse between the States will be daily facilitated by improvements for transit of passengers, etc., 87
I. almost every State being a frontier State, all will be exposed to foreign aggression, and all, alike, need protection, 87
J. an appeal to the People of New York to avoid disunion, 88
1. introductory remarks, 90
2. the proposition neither controverted nor doubted, 91
3. disastrous result of its inefficacy, 91
4. an appeal to the People to "break the charm" of the confederation, 93
5. the character of the opposition to the Constitution, and its inconsistency, 93
6. the character of the defects in the confederacy, 94
A. the legislation for States, in their corporate capacity, 94
a. the bad effect of this evil in raising men and money, 94
b. the opposition to the new system, because it deviates from this principle, considered generally, 94
c. the peculiarities of a simple league between independent nations, considered, 94
d. the effect of a simple league, as the bond of union between the States, considered generally, 95
e. such a bond of union inconsistent with the organization of "a superintending power, under the direction of a common council," 96
f. it is also inconsistent with the authority, over the persons of the citizens, which is necessary in the establishment of a government, 96
a. the purposes of government considered generally, 96