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N of BoulderCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Boulder, Colorado, Feby 22, 1907Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg February 22, 1907

Sievert Rohwer and I went out on horseback to sketch in the map E of W line sec. 7 Tp. 1 N., R. 70 W., E of little house in adjoining sec. Found Hygiene sandstone very steep, but it flattens as it passes over Four Mile MesaCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Four Mile Mesa, Colorado to the north, this accounting for widening of outcrop. In SE ¬ sec. 6 we collected Heteroceras sp.Wikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Heteroceras, Ancyloceras tricostatusWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Ancyloceras tricostatus, Lucina occidentalisWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Lucina occidentalis, Inoceramus barabiniWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Inoceramus barabini, and sagensisWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Inoceramus sagensis etc. in gulch at station 7 in sec. 6 Tp 1N R 71W.

N of BoulderCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Boulder, Colorado Feby 23, 1907Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg February 23, 1907

Sievert Rohwer, Frank Rohwer and I went north today, collected fossils. In sandstone at Station 8, sec 7 Tp 1 N R 70 W found I. vanuxemiWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Inoceramus venuxemi, I barabiniWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Inoceramus barabini and I. sagensisWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Inoceramus sagensis in poor condition and 1 B. cf. compressusWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Baculites cf. compressus just at W line of section and about intersec-