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timbers left therein. It is more probable that he found one of the holes left by the crevicing of the rocks before mentioned, and possible found timbers used by Indians or prospectors in preparing the hole for shelter purposes. But I cannot imagine why the shaft was sunk in the lake beds.

Saw a kingfisherWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg kingfisher. Daniel Nevitt, the hotel keeper says the shaft above mentioned was sunk in search of coal because the shales got blacker as depth increased. He also says the Platte is generally not so muddy.

Saw a batWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg bat last night and another this evening.

Aug. 4Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg August 4, 1905
Yesterday and the day before the sun was intensely hot and dazzling in the