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Shore bird common here has tip(illegible text) habit, white belly darker breast and neck, white of belly extending upwards slightly in front of wing-above uniform brownish bill about 1 inch long.

Hotel and livery, Ramaley and I for 8 days- $17.00. Train seven hours late so Mr. Nevin for $2.00 drove us to Divide to catch the Cripple Creek-Denver train. On the road we saw grayheaded juncosWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Junco hyemalis caniceps. Just before reaching Divide we saw what appeared to be moraine, the first we have seen on the trip. It is possible that a glacier from Pike’s PeakCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Pike’s Peak may have reached as far as this, though the boulders may have been from streams. Train at divide was late, made us miss train at Colorado SpringsCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Colorado Springs, Colorado, and as the later train was quite late we went to the Alamo HotelCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Alamo Hotel, Colorado Springs and stayed all night, first going to college grounds and to Alamo HotelCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Stratton Park, Colorado Springs where we heard fine music by Colorado Midland band. Supped at Depot restaurantCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Depot Restaurant, Colorado Springs, an excellent but high priced place.