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564 REPORT OF NATIONAL MUSEUM, 1888. for rnbbiiij]^ between tlie hands. Tbc bow is of wood, which also is quite the exception in other Eski mo regions, where it is of ivory. There are many bows of antler from Korton Sound in the INInseum, some of them skillfully and truthfully engraved. The mouth-piece is plain ; not very well made. It is set with a square block of marble. It has the usual hole in one of the wings for the passage of a thong. Fi-r. 34. FlUE-MAKiXG Set (hearth showing median groove). {Cat. No. 33166, V S. N M. Eskimo of Norton Sound, Alaska. CoJlecteJ by E. W Nelsoi}. } Fig. 35. LowEK Piece ok Fii{emaki.(; Set (hearth). , U. S. S. M. Eskimo of Cape (Cat. No, Vancouver, Alaska 8on.) Collected by £. W. Nel-