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the flame, the other pulling the cord. This must be the method in Bristol Bay. Neither the true mouth-piece nor any bow has been pro- cured by the Museum from this interesting region, from whence there are copious collections of ethnological objects. The cords without han- dles are worthy of notice. Fig. 39. Firk-Making Set (hoarth with cenlral holes and end step). (Cat. No. 12781%, IT. .S. N. M. Koggiiiiig, Hiisl.,1 |{;iy, Alaska. Collected by W. .1. Fisher.) Another set from Bristol Bay is said by its collector, Charles McKay, to be used by both Eskimo and Indians. It is a very valuable outfit because of its completeness (]>!. Lxxx, fig. 40). The hearth is a roun<led piece of wood with four large holes opening by slots onto the step. The