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582 REPORT OF NATIONAL MUSf:tJM, 1888. to transfer the lighted tinder to the pipe (flg. 55). The tinder is pre- pared from a fungus, probably polyporus species. The steel, shaped like an old-fashioned bell pull, is a very good form for holding in the hand. Fig. 53. Steike-a-light. (Pouch for holding flint and steel.) (Cat. No. 6972, U. S. N. M. Comanche luciians, Texas. Collected by Edward Palmer ) The Chinese strike-a-light is the customary appendage to the pipe pouch. It is a very ingenious way of combining the steel with a pouch in which to keep the flint and tinder (fig. 56). In Thibet they are made very large and are finely decorated. One owned by Mr. W. W. Rock- hill has a curving steel between 5 and 6 inches long, finely carved. The pouch was trimmed with encrusted silver set with jewels.