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a as in far, father, balm, calm.
ă as in quota, America, (pronounced abruptly.)
ai as in aisle; or ie in tie, lie.
aw as in law, saw, claw.
aou as ou in plough, our, sour.
e as in they, or a in say, play.
ĕ as in let, peck, beck, (abrupt.)
i as in police, machine, magazine.
ĭ as in pit, quick, tick, (abrupt.)
o as in cone, alone, bemoan.
ŏ as in lock, stock, (abrupt.)
ou as o in no, so, (prolonged & terminating in the sound of oo half suppressed.)
u as in rule; or oo in school, boon, loom.
ŭ as in urn, turn, burn.
u followed by r pronounced like ŭ, with the r half suppressed.
u followed by ng pronounced like ŭ.
gn at the beginning of a syllable much as ng at the end.
an incomplete sound formed by closing the lips and uttering it through the nose.