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This page needs to be proofread.

3o6 Collectanea,

correct, and that he has heard and known of them all his Hfe. Of

course he told me there was "nothing in them " ; but " That's

all very well, father," said his daughter, with a twinkle in her eye, but is there one here who would dare to ask you where you were going when you were going to fish ? " " Indeed, no. I would be very angry if you did, and as for turning back if I forgot anything, I would not do it for the life of me ! " Then he told me of another superstition which he had forgotten to mention. If several men go out to fish and only get one fish, or at least not one apiece, they must on no account cut or divide a fish. The fish must be taken whole, and those for whom there are none must go without. Still, most of this article should be written in the past tense. School boards have slain the fairies ; even the ceremonial usages of our seafaring men are not commonly observed, and when safe on land the young men laugh at them. At the same time, on stormy nights many brave fellows still practise the old cult, and when luck is against them, and it changes after the observance of an ancient superstition, they wisely think that after all there may be " something in it."

MoRAG Cameron.

Reay United Free Manse, Thurso, Caithness.

Fishermen in the Faroe Islands. {Extract from a Private Letter^

"One boat-load came in this morning with 275 big cod. They said it was because the pastor helped them to launch their boat yesterday. It seems that one must not wash a man good luck in fishing when he starts out, nor if he goes to the bird-cliffs. That will prevent a good catch. I fear I have erred in this respect on Myggenoes, not knowing the proper custom. If it is to be a travel-\owxn&j that is a different matter. Also it is bad luck to meet a woman when they first come to land. I must remember this and see that a small boy or a man is nearer the sea than I am, when next I want to watch the boats land.

Elizabeth Taylor.

Thorshavn, Faroe Islands, igoi.