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400 Collectanea.

journey, and after one day returned with much weeping. And Indra Bangsawan and Sahpri, with the nine rajas' sons, journeyed to the city of Princess Dewi Ratnasari, and when the two princesses met they rejoiced greatly.

After this the whole party set out towards the west to visit the old people, and when they came to a village on the border of the king's territory they sent notice of their approach, and the old king and queen came out to meet them, and great were the rejoicings. And the king asked which of them had found the musical reed, and when Indra Bangsawan said that he had brought it, the king called all his subjects and informed them that he was going to abdicate, and that Indra Bangsawan was to succeed him as king and Sahpri was to be his prime minister.

So Indra Bangsawan and the princess reigned for many years and the three kingdoms were all united, that is the city of Anta Permana and the city of the Princess Ratnasari.

Thus was Indra Bangsawan king, by the grace of God Who knoweth perfectly, and in Him is help and refuge.

Here endeth the tale of Indra Bangsawan.

The heart that was sore is filled with rapture.'

It is like a bouquet of flowers,

The perfume of which endures for ever.

He fought and slew the griffin himself,

He showed no fear nor dread.

The nose and eyes he gave to the king ;

Thereafter he was betrothed to the princess.

His brother was named Sahpri.

He journeyed and entered into a city.

Inside a drum he found a princess.

He slew the roc where he stood.

Indra Bangsawan was powerful and valiant.

He was adopted as grandson by a magician

Who taught him his lore, both easy and difficult.

In no long time he became very learned.

One enchantment the magician gave him

Which gave him the power to change his appearance.

Then he took a journey into a country

And became the servant of a princess.

His hair was now frizzled like a Papuan,

' " Tdmat Idh hikdydt Indra Bdngsdwdn, Hdti ydng pilu menjadi rdwatt." This couplet may serve to show the style of the versification.