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Collectanea. 405

The magician also quickly made summons.

The horse then came fully caparisoned,

The sword and the arrow he quickly brought.

Indra Bangsawan mounted his horse,

And forthwith bade farewell to his grandfather.

In an instant he arrived at Anta Permana.

The king he stood alone and beheld

The fighting with fierceness of the rajas' sons.

The king he looked to left and to right — -

Not one of his wari-iors was any more seen,

But all had entered the fort in haste.

When it was seen by Indra Bangsawan

That the king's soldiers could not prevail,

lie hurled himself into the fight.

Moreover he slashed to left and right.

" Hold thy hand, young man so valiant,

" And quickly declare thy name to thy servants."

When the name of Indra Bangsawan they heard,

Down their weapons they threw, and obeisance made.

And when the battle was settled and done,

The rajas' sons all depart ;

For command had been given by Indra Bangsawan,

" In seven days you must return."

They come, the rajas' sons, nine in number.

Orders to receive them were given by Indra Bangsawan.

The two Dikars went on before

The Dikars met them and gave them welcome.

When three days were now past

Indra Bangsawan was richly adorned ;

Drums were beaten, viols and lutes,'

They walked in procession round the city.'

The betel-nut together with its dish.

And lights and fireworks were in the front.

Vessels and dishes were borne on high

And spears very lovely carried aloft ;

The state umbrellas were spread out.

With cannon and pistols to left and right ;

And bucklers of steel were brandished.

The betrothed descends spreading perfume.

With turbans and crowns and carrying two krisses,^

He is taken on to the divan.

' Gandera7ig dipalu rebab kechapi.

' Lahi berarak perkeliling iiegfi.

^ The " kris " is the national Malay dagger, and is one of the objects carried in procession before the bridegroom when he is escorted to the house of the bride.