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130 Minutes of Meetings.

presented by him to the Society. A vote of thanks was accorded to Canon Lett for his gift. [See p. 185]

The Secretary exhibited some photographs of a Phoeni- cian sacred pillar in Melquarts Temple in Malta, sent by the Rev. E. Magri of Gozo, and also a bottle of quern- ground barley-meal from the island of Fuda in the Sound of Barra, sent by Dr. Maclagan.

The Secretary read a note on Fin MacCoul's Pebble, Carlingford, communicated by Mrs. C. J. Dennis [p. 186].

Mr. Albany F. Major read a paper entitled " The Rag- narok and Valhalla Myths, and evidence from which they date," and a discussion followed, in which Mrs. Colling- wood, Dr. Jon Stefansson, Miss W. Faraday, Mr. Kirby, and Miss Eyre took part.

The meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to Mn Major for his paper.

The following books and papers which had been pre- sented to the Society since June, 1904, were laid on the table, viz. :

The Mythology of Koryak, by Waldemar Jochelson, pre- sented by the author.

Journal of the Anthropological Society of Bombay, Vol. VII., No. I, presented by the Society.

X-fgJieid il Malti fuk ntisserijietna v. I. gganti, Storia ta Malta Li ma ticJiitbet Katt Kabel I. and II., presented by the Rev. E. Magri.

Report of the Administration of the Government Museum, and Connemara Public Library, 1903, 1904, presented by the Government of Madras.

Epigraphi Zeyla^iica, Part I., edited by Don Martino de Zilva Wickremasinghe, presented by the Government of Ceylon.

Buddhism, Vol. I., No. 4, presented by the International Buddhist Society.

Annals of Gonville and Cains College, by exchange with the Cambridge Antiquarian Society.