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i8th January, 1905.

The Council record with deep regret the death during the year of Professor York Powell, the late esteemed and accomplished President of the Society. This is the first occasion in the annals of the Society on which, a President having died during his term of office, the Council have had to be called together to elect a new President for the residue of the year. They had the satisfaction of electing Dr. Rouse to the vacant office and to obtain his acceptance of it, and they now nominate him as President for the ensuing year.^ The Council regret also to have to record the deaths of Mr. W. Jones and Mr. C. H. Moore, and of Mrs. Kate Lee, to whose energy and geniality the Society was in many ways indebted.

With regard to membership the Society has had a fairly successful year, having elected 23 new members. Only eighteen deaths and resignations have been recorded during the past year. But it is difficult to ascertain the precise number of effisctive members, as the present addresses of some members are not known. If these members are reckoned as effective there has been a nett addition of five to the roll of the Society. The membership may practically be regarded as stationary,

^ An appreciative notice of the late President appeared in the pages of the June number oi Folk- Lore (vol. xv., p. 182).