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Its Structure and Development. 159

I believe this design to be of recent date. It is not uncommon.

Similar flowers (six petalled) are associated with the pentacle (PI. XV. Fig. P.), Bower Coll., and with cimaruta No. 26.

II. Rue with three branches ; moon and key present.

(a.) Typical Series.

Under this head are grouped the most typical cimarute. Other emblems may be added in varying combinations and positions, but generally they occupy the spaces between two branches and are often fixed by bars of silver.

20. R (bbb M . H . K b). Rolfe Coll.

The hand does not reach the periphery of the charm and is but feebly differentiated from a bud. Moon decrescent. In some specimens the buds are more phallic than in others.

Hall maik r. .

2 1«. R (bb M . b H t . K F b). Rolfe Coll.

Flower of sheet metal, soldered on. Moon increscent.

2ib. R (b H M . b H t . K H b). Author's Coll.

2ic. R (bb M . b H t . K bb). Rolfe Coll.

Both of similar design to the last. The b H t at the end of the middle branch might easily become transformed into the moon enveloping the hand which appears in Nos. 38 and 40.

22. R (b F H Cock's comb M . Cock . K bb)

Silver Mark ^g^ (date 1780-9). Author's Coll.

The saw-like structure is not easily identified as the comb of the cock, but there can be little doubt about it for it occupies the same relative position as the cock in Nos. 16, 17, 25.

23«. R (bb H . b M b K b . b F b). Whitnall Coll.

2ib. R (bb H . b M b k b . F bb). Rolfe and EI vv., Fig. 8 1 . See PI. XII. Whitnall Coll.

2ZC. R(bbH.bMbkb.bHb). Author's Coll.

23^. R (bb H . b M b k b . bFHb). Rolfe Coll.

24. R(bHH.bMbkb.FHb) Miss Wright.

The knuckles of the hands bear a strong resemblence to cocks' combs. Moon increscent. Flower a Moon-daisy.

  • The cock might be interpreted as an Eagle by some authorities.