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Its Structure and Development. i6i

36. R (H (F) K . b M (Cock) b Cock (F) H (F) . b).

Rolfe Coll.

37. R (b M [ H (F)] . M [ H (F)] . Cock (F) H (F)).

Bower Coll.

A very unusual type of charm. The flowers are represented as held by four of the emblems and the combination of the crescent enclosing the hand bearing a flower occurs twice.

38. R(K.bM(H)bCock(F)b.b). Rolfe Coll.

39. R (K . b M [ H (F)] b F . b). Rolfe Coll.

40. R (K M (H) F H). Ehv., Fig. 81, and Author's Coll.

The rue-buds have entirely disappeared, and the typical branching is no longer recognizable.

ii. With moon upright, face forward.

The rue branching is not recognizable. The arrangement of the emblems tends to become either radial or gridiron-like.

a Moon decrescent.

41. (KMFH).

Two forms of the flower have been noticed to occur in this

amulet : {a) like those of Fig. 40, made of sheet silver. Rolfe Coll.

{b) cast in one piece with the amulet. Author's Coll.

42. (F H M K F). Author's Coll.

/3 Moon increscent.

43- (F H M K F). Mrs. Vernon.

44- (F F H M K F F F). Elworthy, Fig. 81.

45- C (F F H M K F F F). Author's Coll.

In this fine example a heart has been cut in the centre of the amulet, the other emblems being grouped radially around it. (PI. XIII.).

46. (H (F) K Cock M). Author's Coll.

A common modern form, usually of poor workmanship, in which the various emblems are represented as hanging by separate bands or chains.

R. T. G.