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1 68 Folk- Lore of the Wye Valley.

reverently of his art. That I came of four generations of clergy impressed him greatly, and added much to my fitness to receive the power.

" You do want to know how to charm .-' Well, Missy, 'tis easy ; but you must have the love, and you do have to be steadfast. 'Tis only for you to have a liking, and make your mind up, and have a wish to do a body good, and be steadfast. How to do it . Well, 'tis like this. Suppose one should come to 'ee, an' they have an arm or a shoulder out. You must know the Christian name, and, if it be an animal, you do give him one. You do get hold of the person, and examines the place and handles it over, wherever the place is, and you will know by your own inside wJiat 'tis when they comes to 'ee. You've no need to tell tJiey nothing nor let others know ; and see here, Missy, 'ee musn't never tell a woman the way, because of halving the power. Then you fetches out the complaint. You got to know the Christian name for it to come right.

" Rub with the right hand and say : ' Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, great God above, send all things right, bone to bone, marrow to marrow, blood to blood, and flesh to flesh, in this right arm of James Reynolds. Send all things right in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.' Then you do mention the Lord's Prayer. Da this two or three times all to yourself, handling it. Never say them the charm, say it to yourself"

" And the same if it was scalds or burns or toothache, or anything. You got to be steadfast, and you got to say the Lord's Prayer. The quicker 'tis done after the injury the sooner 'twill come good."

"An' you got to take No Thanks, but thank the Almighty, and keep it to yourself."

" I hear you sometimes write charms . " said I.

" O yes, you can write this, or som'at from the Bible for they to carry about, but they must have faith."