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This page needs to be proofread.

200 Collectanea.

These are played thus :

The three chucks are disposed of as described in the first six lines of "Scatter One," p. 70. One is lifted and thrown up, the other two are lifted and the first one caught. One of the three is thrown up, the other two deposited, and the one thrown caught. This finishes the game.

In the Black Isle, Ross-shire, the game is called Five Stofies. One, Two, Three, Four, p. 70, are spoken of as Onesie, Twosie, Threesie, Foursie, and other movements are called :


Wash the Dishes.

Cream the Milk.

Change the Money.


Climb the Ladder.

Catch the Fish.

Up cust, down cust.

Though these names are vouched for, we have been unable to get descriptions so as to identify them.

In Kintyre the local pronunciation of Chucks is " Jecks."


(P. 86, after line 3.) The Lodger is Dead

As played in the Outer Hebrides, deals also with apples, the words being EngUsh. Two girls, one of them on her knees, her companion covering the head of the kneeling one with her apron, are surrounded by a circle of companions moving slijwly round them, singing the while —

" The lodger is dead, and laid in his grave, Laid in his grave, laid in his grave. The lodger is dead, and laid in his grave, Ae, aye, laid in his grave."