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2o8 Collectanea.

From Kintyre

"Oneerie, twoerie, dickerie Davy, Haligo Mary, tenery lavie, Pin pan whisky dan, Tiddleum toddleum twenty-one."

" Ennerie annerie sirteri sannerie, Draps o' vinegar now begun, Eat aat moose fat, Oarrie diddle. Play the fiddle, Tike Bo Bizz,"

A variant, see "Games" 230.

" Eenerty, feenerty, fickerty, feg. El, del, domin, egg, Irkie, birkie, storie rock, An, tan, toosy Jock : Toose oot, toose in, Toose aboot the river pin, Black fish, white troot, Gibbie la, you're oot."

Used in Uist —

" Tic, tac, toe, round we go, Turn the ship and away she goes."


(P. 113, after line 3.)

We have information from a woman, for some considerable time in the island of St. Kilda, who had seen the Buck Dance (p. 103) performed there in the same figure as that of a reel; we understand a foursome reel. In Uist, however, the girls playing crouch down, their hands in front of them, with the fingers inter- laced, and leap round in a circle. There was recently in Kintyre an old man who danced what he called the " Reel of the Ducks," " Ruidhil nan tunnag," commencing with the follow- ing port —

" Seinn am Boradag, Damhs am Boradag."

Sing the Boradag,/ Dance the Boradag. He would then drop on one knee, spring up, and down again on the other knee, and