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242 Mifmtes of Meetings.

6. A ladle of wood used at Beauly, N.B., in 1840, for sprinkling victims of the evil eye with water : and read some notes illustrative of the objects. [Plate XXV. and p. 333.]

Miss Burne, on behalf of Miss Barry, exhibited two holed stones from Caithness, and read an explanatory note [p. 335].

After some observations by the Chairman and the Hon. Mrs. Sinclair, Mr. N. W. Thomas read two papers by Mr. R. E. Dennett, entitled respectively " Bavili Notes," and, " Some Notes from Southern Nigeria," and in the dis- cussion which followed Miss Werner, Miss Burne, Mr. Thomas and the Chairman took part.

A paper on "Jerusalem Folklore," by Miss Goodrich Freer, was also read.

The Meeting terminated with votes of thanks to the exhibitors of objects and readers of papers.

WEDNESDAY, 17tli MAY, 1905. The President (Dr. W. H. D. Rouse) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

The death of Mr. C. H. Stephenson and the resignation of Mr. E. J. Kitts were announced.

Mr. N. W. Thomas read a note on " The Religious Ideas of the Arunta."

Mr. Andrew Lang read a paper entitled "Arunta Totemism and Marriage Law," and in the discussion which followed Dr. Haddon and Mr. Nutt took part.

At the conclusion of the meeting a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Thomas and Mr. Lang for their papers.