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The European Sky -God. 273

"heavens, the bright sky sank beneath the horizon at nightfall ; and as Jupiter was the god of the sky by day, so Summanus or Jupiter Summanus ^ was the god of the sky by night.- Hence the Italians, like the Greeks, came to conceive of a subterranean Jupiter. They named him

Vediovis, Veditis, or Veiovis, and regarded him as in some sort an anti-Jove. Thus on the summit of the Alban Mount there was a cult of Jupiter Latiaris,^ in Bovillae at its base a cult of Vediovis : ^ on the Capitol at Rome Jupiter Feretrius was worshipped," in the hollow of the same hill Vediovis.^ The chthonian character of the latter deity is well attested. The ancient formula of devotion used by dictators and generals was addressed to Dis pater,

Veiovis, Manes ^ i.e. to a group of chthonian powers. A law, attributed to Romulus, ordained that a patron or client who neglected his duties " might be put to death by any man, as a victim devoted to the chthonian Jupiter,"^ i.e. to Vediovis.^ And Martianus Capella expressly identifies Vediovis with Pluto and Dis.^*^ There was, then, an early cult of a chthonian Jupiter, which justified the poets in calling the underground god Jupiter Stygitis,^^ Tartareiisy^ infernus^'^ niger}^ etc.^^

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